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Puppy adoption question?

Hi. Im getting a yorkie puppy next week.. This is the first time I'm getting one and I'm quite nervous about it. My little brother who is 4 has tiny Lego's and I'm scared that my baby boy will eat one.. Also he is going to be only 6 weeks old when we get him. Is that okay? I mean we won't be able to change the day we get him and he would have gone to the vet a few hours before we arrived.. If that isn't okay then what should we do for him? Like he is eating dry food with like special milk in there and he is still nursing a lil bit. What should we buy for him to eat? He is eating Iams puppy food.. How do we train him to like pee on puppy pads? What should we prepare for him at our house? How should we carry him home? Should we bring his cage and let him sit there or have him in my lap? Its and hour drive back to my home.. And when is the appropriate time to walk him? Like can we walk him right away or should we wait until like 10-12 weeks? What should we buy for him? Specific Treats? Food? Leash?? And also what are cute boy Yorkie names? He is AKC registered and we need to fill out a form while we are there to pick him up and we need his name to officially get his certificate.. And when should we give him a bath? and how should we?? And pleaseeee list more information on what we will need to hear about a new puppy adoption.. Thanks..

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    It's actually much better to take puppies from their mothers at 9-12 weeks. During those weeks dogs learn a lot from their mothers and future behavioral problems can be avoided if they're given the proper length of time to learn.

    Ask the vet about what sort of food is best for the puppy and how long he should stay on that food before graduating to a more advanced formula. For the best health of a dog over his lifetime it's never a good idea to feed table food. Dry dog food will be the number on choice for his ongoing healthy digestion.

    Before you bring him home go to a PetSmart or a PetCo and buy a book about puppies. You might also look for breed specific books. You can also pick those books up in public libraries. Read up on tips about house training him, teaching him to sit and stay, and other important commands. In my experience, sit and stay are very important for the safety of a pet. If he gets off leash and begins to run toward a road it's very handy to be able to call out "sit" and have your dog follow the command. Then you can tell him to "stay" so that you can secure him again before he runs away from you.

    Have lots of fun with him and give him tons of love along with some firm direction and you'll have a friend forever!

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    Congratulations! Yorkies are great little dogs!

    But I'm really concerned you are getting your puppy at 6 weeks old - that is way, way too young for a Yorkie or any other toy dog - actually it's too young for ANY dog! When puppies are removed from their mother too young, they often have separation anxiety and you could have a LOT of problems with the dog. So that's first - TRY your best to get the breeder to keep the puppy longer.

    Bringing him home - please, do not drive an hour with your dog on your lap. If you had an accident or even had to stop suddenly, that dog is a projectile in the car. He could easily end up going through the windshield, or just get tossed around and badly hurt or worse. Get a small carrier cage and put a seat belt on that cage in the backseat. Put a soft towel in the cage, and your dog will be just fine.

    To read more about dogs in cars, check this page online:

    For puppy proofing - be sure to get all small things off the ground, especially Lego's. Puppies are curious and they'll often chew and even swallow whatever is on the ground. Also check that the plants in your home are not poisonous for dogs, and that all cupboards he can reach have child proof latches.

    For more on yorkie puppy proofing, you can check this page:

    Bathing your puppy? Don't be in a hurry. There's no need to bathe him more often than every other month at the most. Be sure to get a special dog shampoo, one that's good quality and organic or chemical-free such as Martha Stewart's All Natural Puppy Shampoo.

    There are lots of house training tips on this page:

    Sounds like you need a LOT of info for your new dog, so I'd suggest you get a book such as YORKSHIRE TERRIERS FOR DUMMIES by Tracy Barr, available at most book stores including or

    The Everything Yorkshire Terrier Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training, And Caring for Your Yorkie (Everything... by Cheryl S. Smith, also at Amazon and lots of stores.

    Good luck with your new dog!

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    Its not a puppy mill, its a Cameroon puppy scam. If you email them they'll say they had to move and want you to have the puppy for free but just have to pay the shipping. But if you pay then there will be more and more requests for money. There is no puppy, they stole these pictures off another site. Its just a scam to get you and hundreds of other victims to send them as much money as possible until you figure out you were scammed with no way to get your money back since it was sent Western Union and the police wont do anything since the scammers arent even in the country

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