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Help Port-Forward Ubee Router!?!?!? Minecraft?

Cable Modem : DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0 Compliant

MAC Address : 90:6E:BB:79:DE:FE

IP Address :

IPV6 Address : ::

Serial Number : 906EBB79DEFE

Boot Code Version : 1.1.2b

Software Version : 2.105.5001

Hardware Version : 1.3

CA Key : Installed

Help i cannot login the port forwarding system i tried user/user admin/admin user/cableroot PLEASE HELP THank you

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  • isela
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    3 years ago

    Earlier than any person can seriously reply this , we have to recognize should you use DSL or cable , and for those who use dsl , what type vdsl , vdsl2 , adsl2 ... Also be certain you could have your account know-how useful so that you may clearly mounted the article (under no circumstances put up that right here despite the fact that asking aid) Does your router ought to be wi-fi or wired?

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