How accurate are the estimated shipping dates on Amazon?

I ordered an AMD graphics card, Sapphire Radeon 7850 2gb, on March 27, 2013 for $210, and it says the estimated shipping dates are Monday April 22, 2013 - Monday May 6, 2013. Their were only 9 left in stock when I bought it, but that seems like a lot of time just to ship it. Are these estimates accurate, or will it ship earlier? Please help!


I meant there*

Update 2:

It says by Sapphire Technology, so I'm guessing it isnt by amazon itself.

Update 3:

Oh, it also says: Ships from and sold by TigerDirect, Inc..

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    8 years ago
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    Generally they are accurate, but whenever I use amazon, i tend to get my stuff a few days early. Those dates are probably correct if sold through a company on, and not amazon themselves. Check to see if they are sold through amazon, because if they are, they should probably get there a little early.

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    4 years ago

    in the beginning, good question :) i like it because of the fact its kinda oxymoron - no count if Amazon provides precise envisioned date or not? nicely for me, transport become made in the past the envisioned date very in maximum cases because of the fact i assume they have some small volume of buffer outfitted into the transport date estimation application. in spite of the shown fact that, because its purely estimate and blunders do happen, i will say in a very few proportion of situations there would desire to be some delays previous the envisioned date(s). good success.

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