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AR 15 carry handle shoots to the left and is waaay too complicated and confusing?

I always loved the way that carry handles looked from pics of soldiers all over. To me this symbolized "the good guys" so when I bought an AR without them I immediately put them on. It had flip ups that were out if the box tack drivers. I put on a handle and it was a disaster. I wasted literally days and boxes of ammo trying to get it to shoot right reading everything I could on it.Most info acts like the reader has a military background and knos what they are talking about.I gave up thinking it was the handle since it ALWAYS shoots to the left. Later I bought a different AR and was stoked it had the handle already on it. Same problem it shoots left. I'm so frustrated and pissed at myself for wasting money on a gun that at this point is basically useless to me unless I always aim a foot off or spend more money on MBUS sights. Every other rifle I shoot dead on with regardless of peep or open sights. I tried the little hole and I'm going to try the larger flip up hole today. I'm just really angry that nobody told me this riffle wouldn't be good to go out of the box unless you had some military background. My other riffle is awesome and every other one i have ever owned or fired as well. Is it the way I hold it? I messed with the windage and it helped a little bit. Will I always have to mess with the sights at different distances? I dont want sights i always have to screw with as its very frustrating and am mo isnt cheap I don't go to a range so how in the hell will I know how far 50 yards is exactly. It just really pisses me off they didn't tell me these sights are complicated crap. The closest they came was saying" really ? You are going to leave the carry handle on? Most people replace it." I probably wouldn't have even bought another AR had I known that these sights are useless. I just wanted a different look.Please help this has turned something that I love into something I hate and a very negative and frustrating experience did me

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    buy an AK. it's idiot proofed, nothing can ever go wrong on it. all you gotta do is zero it yourself, find some quality brass cased ammo and it'll shoot on target from 25 to 600 meters.

    Source(s): i avoid AR's too complicated. I like it simple.
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    Military sights are completely simple. They are also adjustable, so "always shooting left" is an easy problem to cure.

    You need some coaching. It's as simple as that.

    Shooting is a skill that takes time to develop. Be patient, and you will be rewarded by being a good shooter.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm not quite sure what exactly you're asking. But I suggest you not care what a rifle looks like, and more about how well it does it's job. Lose the handle.

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