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How much should replacing pads & rotors cost on a 06 toyota highlander?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hey Carmen , this was Too vague of a question.

    They always need to know the following:

    What Engine ?

    Is it 2WD , 4WD. Does it need all 4 rotors?

    Does it have any leaking calipers

    If YOU went to a place like Autozone to buy them yourself you would pay prices like this......

    ( I went to the next highest dollar amount to be safe)

    2006, 4Wheel Drive 3.3Liter MFI DOHC 6cyl


    PADS FRONT & REAR: $50.00 X 2 = 100.00 total

    FRONT ROTORS: $60.00 EA. X 2 = $120.00 total

    REAR ROTORS $50.00 EA X 2 = $100 total

    APROX $320.00 PARTS


    When you bring it to a place like a dealer , you not only pay hourly rates for labor , but a markup on parts of 100% at times , & more at others.

    You may pay $ 600 for more or the parts above plus labor chargers for the hours it took

    Prices for CALIPERS :FRONT & REAR

    REAR 108.00 EACH X 2 = $216.00

    FRONT $51.00 EACH X2 = $102.00

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  • 7 years ago

    Last time I comparison shopped for the stuff every item ran between $20 and $30 each, so you can multiple out a set of four rotors and two sets of brake pads (to do both front and back axles) and that gets you to between$120 and $180 for the parts. If you have a shop put them on plan on paying them a half days shop rate to install.

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