I'm a vegetarian, and I recently just found out about animal enzymes in cheese...?

And since then, I have been doing a lot of research. They are in everything, and I had no idea! Some of my favorite foods include ravioli, fettuccine Alfredo, creamy garlic shells, pierogis, fried mozzarella sticks, pizza, garlic bread with cheese, nachos, mac and cheese.... and all of the brands I have been getting are made with animal enzymes!

I keep calling companies of products I buy, hoping to find one that has vegetarian enzymes, but they all say they are animal enzymes or they are unsure. I'm extremely overwhelmed at the moment because the things I can eat are getting fewer and fewer. Sure, there are vegan and vegetarian cheeses, but what about substitutes for the dinners I eat from a box? So far, I've been looking into Annie's products.

Does anybody have any products, resources, advice, or anything to make me feel a little less overwhelmed and confused? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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  • 7 years ago
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    Some frozen entrees & some of the cheeses at the health food store have labels that say they use vegetarian enzymes only. Also, Trader Joe's has a few of their cheeses that say they do not use animal rennet in them. These are their mozzarella & their muenster, & they're labeled as low fat as well. I'm very fond of them, too.

    I think Annie's products & Amy's products are just fine. I only rarely eat Annie's white shells & cheese, so I don't think about it much. I'm fairly sure that Amy's are fine. In the frozen food by Amy's, many are available with soy instead of cheese, so that's a possibility, too. I do love 3 kinds of Amy's frozen Pocket Sandwiches & am fairly sure that I checked out the labels when I first started buying them. I also think that many of Amy's are labeled organic & GMO-free, in case that is important to you as well.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Why not just skip the trouble and just go vegan? o.O It's also kind of weird to say there are animal enzymes in cheese.....because cheese comes from the milk of a cow..........Cows are treated terribly by the way for milk. So just ditch it. Soy, rice, and almond milk are way better both ethically and tastefully.

    You should even try some delicious Vegan cheeze called Daiya. Awesome vegan cheez.

    ++ Daiya: http://www.daiyafoods.com/

    You can use it for macaroni, grilled vegan cheeze, nachos, or mozarella sticks.

    Best speech you will ever hear on veganism ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es6U00LMmC4

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  • 7 years ago

    I guess that's what dietary choices are all about; knowing exactly what's in different foods so you can avoid the ones you don't want to eat. Be glad you're doing this by choice. If you were highly allergic to something or were celiac, you'd have to avoid certain things even in minute quantities because they would make you sick. I find it odd that someone would become vegetarian without even realizing what it means to be one in terms of what you eat. You're just going to have to learn to read labels and investigate what is in the food you eat, which is not a bad thing to have to do.

  • 7 years ago

    It sounds like you're looking into veganism because everything you mentioned you can't eat anymore has animal products in it. So, instead of focusing on the things you can't eat, focus on the things you can eat. Learn a couple vegan meals you really like - these will become your base line meals. Usually, people rotate b/w 4-5 meals day-to-day, so it wont be too difficult to transition to other things and get used to making them. Good luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    Unless cheese is marked Veg. Or microbial enzymes assume it has pig & baby cow :( guts.

    People are sick for this. Dairy is bad enough, but to add animal guts is just completely wrong morally & nutritionally.

    I know it can feel punishing to give up comfort food & be outnumbered. But you are doing the right thing for yourself & the Earth.

    In time, you will learn new foods to love. You will have a newfound healthy body & enlightment in reward for pious & kind lifestyle.

  • Louis
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    7 years ago

    Well, I think it just provides you with one more reason to stop consuming dairy.

    Most (wait, all) of your "favorite foods" are pretty unhealthy anyway. So now you should not only make meatless pasta sauce but make cheese-less pastas.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    thats why its easier to go vegan and just avoid it al togeather

  • 7 years ago

    Lol you can eat your tofu, I think sum nice juicy steak or lasagna with delicious mounds of cheese sounds delightful. Well, if there's one pro for having vegans in the world, it means more meat for us normal people!

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