how to stop recieving junk email in outlook 2010?

I am getting too much junk email so how to stop recieving junk email in outlook 2010.I dont want to recieve junk email that is configured on outlook 2010.

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    8 years ago
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    Apart from marking every junk item as "spam", you need to deploy a mail account strategy so you don't get a single address flooded with junk.

    You should have at least 3 different mail addys: 1 for close personal friends & family; 1 for bills & important legit business affiliations; and one for Internet account sign-up's.

    A 4th one for 'throw away' purposes is also handy when you need to give an e-mail addy for just looking at a website.

    This granularity to your communications disambiguates these various groups and makes managing them far easier.


    Your iSP usually allows several (3-4?) addy's to be created for free. Check with their website to see how that's done. (That's a "POP3" type)

    Web services (like here at Yahoo) have one, and multiple Premium accounts are often available.

    So,using the various website accounts you have (plus your iSP), create mail accounts and write down what address it will be; then take those particulars and enter them into the Outlook 'Accounts" (new?).

    A bit tedious, but far easier to manage in the long run.

    I don't use Outlook so won't guess on how to do all these things specifically, but whenever you do get a 'master plan' envisioned, outline it on a piece of paper so you know how it looks, and write down each account addy and it's relationship...that helps keep things in order until you get use to the arrangement.

    This may also help: SpamAssassin;

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