who what where how的用法

who what where how的用法,請問代表什麼意思?應用在對話、寫作、文法的時候, 各代表什麼意思?

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    who - 誰,何人


    Who are you? (你是誰?)

    Who came to the meeting? (誰來參加會議?)

    Who is the president? (總統是誰?)

    不一定要用在問句中。例: Anyone who is hungry can get a cookie. (餓的人都可以得到一個餅乾。)

    what - 什麼,何事


    What is that? (那是什麼?)

    What happened? (發生了什麼事?)

    What is the distance from the Earth to the Sun? (從地球到太陽的距離是多少?)

    He helped me with what he was able. (他用他所能的來幫了我。)

    where - 哪裡,何處


    Where are you? (你在哪裡?)

    Where are the books I bought? (我買的書在哪裡?)

    Where did the cats come from? (這些貓是從哪裡來的?)

    The books are where you left them. (書都在你放的地方。)

    how - 怎樣,如何


    How did you do that? (你是怎麼做到的?)

    How can you say that? (你怎麼可以那樣說呢?)

    How are you? (你好嗎?)

    He could not find out how to solve the problem. (他沒能找到解決這個問題的方法。)

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    how - 還有用在關於程度和量度的時候。

    How much? (多少?)

    How ill is the teacher? (老師病的多嚴重?)

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    Who am I?

    Who are you?

    Who is he?

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