Isn't it wonderful as this generation goes on we've earned ourselves more terms?

Cyber-bullying, Shaming, Sexting, Hipster, Gangsta, Scene... Freakin' honestly? I mean; I know every Generation goes through this shtick of creating terms... but why does it seem like we have literally the most pointless ShYt and feel entitled to coming up with stupider ways of harassing people?

I'm only twenty, but back when I was younger Hipster is what elderly people called the younger generation because they didn't understand what was going on... it wasn't an actual fashion statement (Which doesn't make bloody sense, since Hipster from my understanding is following what is can you have a fashion, if what is popular changes? Oh wait, those large framed glasses...yeah)

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  • 'Jake'
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    7 years ago
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    You forgot swag and yolo. Those might be the worst.

    I think a hipster is someone who doesn't watch popular. People call me a hipster because my ears are stretched and I wear 20mm tunnel plugs. It's doing something that isn't "Mainstream".

    It's because anything that becomes somewhat popular is shot down by the rest of the kids (was going to say young adults, but anyone who does this, including me, is still a kid.) because of jealousy or something. I don't get it.

  • 7 years ago

    From what this generation has, hipster is the least worse. What about these "swag" and yolo kids. Eughh... They are just so annoying. With their snapbacks bumping lil Wayne, or drake.

    But yes, this generation is pretty bad.

  • kert
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    7 years ago

    If you do what is outside norm there are people that will be down on you. Just be the best you you can be. That all the world expects of you.

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