Ramadan : Who are Jews in Quran and according to Islam,,,?

Ramadan : Who are Jews in Quran ,,, ?

I am confused ,, is Jews means NON MUSLIMS , or Christians or neither both ???Are Jews are against Muslims/Prophets ??

Is Jew/jews/Jewish are all same meaning ?? I


Please tell me who are Jews, do not make fun ,,

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    Jew/Jews/Jewish is the same thing if you are referring to the religion

    The Jews and the Christians are the People of the Book and they were people who were given the scripture before i.e the Torah and the Bible but it was corrupted, now the only book we follow is the Quran since Allah swt promised to protect the Quran

    And Kafir/Kuffar means NonMuslim so yes they are NonMuslims/Kafirs --meaning they are not Muslim

    Jews don't believe in all of the Prophets , they don't believe in Prophet Isa pbuh and Prophet Muhammad (saw)

    Jews are ppl who follow the Torah,etc

    The only true religion is Islam

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  • jurgen
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    7 years ago

    Bani Israel-Israelites

    Yahudi- Jews

    During Moses time, there were mainly Israelites (which include the Samaritans too-in my opinion)

    During Jesus time,there were mainly Jews as most of the other tribes had been dispersed.We knew that Jesus himself was from the house of Aaron,i.e Levites. This is apparent as Jesus said he was sent to the house of the Israelites/lost sheep of the Israelites.

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  • Shah
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    7 years ago

    The Jews are the sons of Ishaq (Isaac) and subsequently Yaqub (Jacob).

    Abraham had two sons i.e. Ishaq (Isaac) and Ismail (Ishmail).

    Ishaq (Isaac) had Yaqub (Jacob) as his son. It is the descendents of Ishaq that are called Jews.

    Yaqub (Jacob) in the scripture / literature of Jews was given the title Israel. And in the Quran the Jews are addressed as "Bani Israel" i.e. "Sons of Israel".

    Why the Quran addresses them so much ! ?

    Its because all the scriptures prior to the final scripture (Quran) came in Bani Israel (Jews). Thus they knew about the scripture and teachings and instructions of God, more than anyone else knew. They were also shown most number of miracles. They were blessed more than any nation of the world. So God reminds them of HIS blessings and calls upon them.

    Source(s): Quranist "God Alone, Quran Alone"
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  • Mintee
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    7 years ago

    jews according to Islam are those that are followers of Moses laws.. (doesnt have anything to do with a race of people)

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  • Zlatan
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    7 years ago

    yahood = jew

    nasarah = christian.

    kaffir = non-muslims[anyone who does not believe in islam(both jews and christians are not muslim because they reject muhammad)]

    Ahl al-Kitāb = people of the book(christians and jews)

    muslim = believer in allah and his messengers

    in islam, jews are the people who are the decendents of is'haac(isaac), son of abraham. they were lead out of egypt by the the prophet moses. they followed the prophets you know today except jesus(and muhammad). jesus is the prophet that led the christians

    the jews were muslims(believers in allah and his messenger)until they rejected jesus.

    christians were muslim until the they called jesus god/son of god and rejected muhammad(saw).

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