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Help!I Need Character Names...?

Character 1-




Personality:Cocky,Caring(but doesn't like to admit it),Gets jealous easily,Hot-Headed,Childish

Apperance:Green eyes,Dark brown hair,tan skin

Names I might give him:Kenny,Zero,Jett,Pierce

Character 2-

Age:14 1/2



Personality:Caring,Sweet,Clumsy,The voice of reason

Appearance:Waist length brown hair,Hazel eyes,tan skin

Names I might give her:Amber,Valentina,Lily,London

Character 3-





Appearance:Blonde hair,light green eyes,pale skin

Names I might give him:Joseph ''JoJo",Talin,Samuel "Sammy",Kody

Character 4-




Personality:Energetic,Sometimes sassy,nice(but rarely shows it),badass

Appearance:Shoulder length dark brown hair,pale skin,dark brown eyes

Names I might give her:Yuki,Kikyo,Ayame,Ichigo

Character 5-




Personality:Bitchy at times,sweet,ditzy,caring

Appearance:Waist length blonde hair,blue eyes,tan skin

Names I might give her:Chloe,Piper,Elizabeth "Elly",Paris

Also,could you help me give the story a name...

It's going to be about 5 middle school (8th grade) friends and their daily lives.I was thinking something like "Drama","This Crazy Thing Called Love","Young,Wild,and Free".

Thnx <3


Character 3-Pushover,not Push...


Update 2:

Oh yeah!

And maybe some last names and names for extra chracters.

Thnx again <3

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Hey, thanks for answering my Q. It's nice to hear a bit of feedback, as well. Now... I usually use to help me with character names, or They are really good aids for stuff like this—or even a phone book can help a lot. But in my opinion, I like...

    1: Brett, Jason, Jasper (eheh, a character idea I even have for the very same story I mentioned earlier) Chad, Chase, Lon, Duke, Drake, or Rick.

    2: Emily, Avery, Cassady, Sophie, Tiffany, June, Jill, Junie, Jamie.

    3: Kyle, Thomas, Christopher, Ryan, or Jesse.

    4: Ooohh.. I like Japanese names! Yoko... Yoshima... or Ai? I like them.. but I dunno much 'bout them... :/ ( has a warehouse full of ideas for Japanese names. I recommend checking it out :) )

    5: I actually really love Piper! It's awesome. But I like Stacey, Robin, Blair, Tiff, or Vicky.

    Hope this helps!


  • 8 years ago

    Character 1- : Vince, Ben

    Character 2-: Sana, Lucy

    Character 3-: Jijo, Henry

    Character 4: nancy, teena

    Character 5: Betty, jincy

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