Toxoid vaccines. .. passive or active immunity?

toxoid vaccines wen given induce our body to produce antibodies ryt.. So shudnt this immunity gained be an active immunity? Cuz the body actually making bodies. ?. My buk says toxoid vaccines give passive immunity.. Can anyone explain this plz.. Thank u:-)

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    .It's wrong. Toxoid vaccines produce ARTIFICIAL ACQUIRED ACTIVE IMMUNITY.

    (Artificial) Passive Immunity is injection of Readymade Antibodies such as Gamma globulin.Passive immunization is used when there is a high risk of infection and insufficient time for the body to develop its own immune response.Passive immunity provides immediate protection against infection.(You know,in case of Snake bite,Body has INSUFFICIENT time to produce Antibodies against Snake venom.Anti venom which is nothing but Readymade Antibodies injected is a kind of Artificial Passive Immunity)

    Natural Passive Immunity is transfer of Maternal antibodies through Placenta to protect fetus against infection.Breast milk contains natural antibodies which protect gut of Neonate and Infant.And that's why Breast milk is Best Milk.

    Natural Acquired Active Immunity occurs when the person is exposed to a live pathogen, develops the disease,This type of immunity is “natural” because it is not induced by vaccine. An example if when a person gets Chickenpox- the body has memory cells which functions to produce an immune response when it recognizes the same virus later on. The immunity for chicken pox is usually lifetime.

    ARTIFICIAL ACQUIRED ACTIVE IMMUNITY can be induced by a vaccine.A vaccine stimulates the body to produce antibody against the antigen without causing symptoms of the disease.

    Three types of Vaccines are

    1.Inactivated vaccines: composed of dead bodies of micro-organisms that have been killed with chemicals or heat and are no longer infectious. (Cholera Vaccine)

    2.Live, attenuated vaccines: Composed of Live microorganism but their ability to induce disease is removed by repeated cultivation. (Measles,Mumps vaccines)

    3.Toxoid vaccines: Some kind of microorganism produce Toxin which are responsible for microbial pathogenicity.A toxoid is a bacterial toxin whose toxicity has been inactivated by chemical or heat treatment, while other properties like immunogenicity, are maintained. (Tetanus,Diphtheria and Botulism toxoid vaccines)

    Hope this helps...

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    Artificial Passive Immunity

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    Toxoid vaccines. .. passive or active immunity?

    toxoid vaccines wen given induce our body to produce antibodies ryt.. So shudnt this immunity gained be an active immunity? Cuz the body actually making bodies. ?. My buk says toxoid vaccines give passive immunity.. Can anyone explain this plz.. Thank u:-)

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    Yes, toxoids are active vaccines that induce an immune response, as opposed to passive immunglobulin vaccines.

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    1. Acquired immunity: using antibodies to resist specific disease a. Active immunity: own antibodies i. natural: exposure to infection agent. E.g. catching a cold ii. Artificial: immunization. E.g. being immunized for vaccinated for polio b. passive immunity: ready-made antibodies i. natural : maternal antibodies. E.g. antibodies cross the placenta into the foetus ii. Artificial: antibodies from other sources. E.g. anti-tetanus injection 2. Innate immunity: genetic factors

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    Apparently there is some kind of a learning curve here I read all these statement and the curve that is adversely effecting your comprehension has made you slide off the facts. try to stay on just the facts. not what you want to believe just because you may be a 90% tor a ninety presenter.

    FACT #1 toxoplasmosis can only reproduce sexually in the intestines of a cat which is its only definitive host . that statement right there means this “without cats it cannot reproduce or regenerate itself” Therefore in a world without cats! There would be no toxoplasmosis infections causing birth defects. 10% good or 90% bad.

    Fact #2 --- There is no cure for the Brain infection; there is nothing so far that can kill this parasite in the Brain with out killing the infected person brain.

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    Fact #6---mumps, measles, encephalitis, chicken pox, and the shingles are a form of toxoplasmosis infections.

    Fact #7 what is it you don't understand please? Poster states get the cats tested and treated. If the infection cannot be cured have them put down, If it is true what you say your cat has nothing to worry about right. That is what you said. That your cats don't have it? However, for 25dollars we can find out.

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    You are correct I would say and I wish to apologize to the 90 % I realize they may be infected and have problems comprehending scientific reports and the such. Which is what the government wants out of the 90% presenters. Which Presenters means to display or present for viewing. I myself have tested positive for Toxoplasmosis so I am in complete agreement with the poster of this query.

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    Toxoid vaccines give passive immunity & your book is right.. Looking at the basics, toxoid vaccines are themselves antibodies to a particular disease & they directly involve in neutralizing the disease process ( they do not induce antibodies as in case of active immunity).. for example TT ( tetanus toxoid ) given in cases of wound injuries

    The examples of vaccines that cause active immunity are polio vaccine, measles vaccine,etc..

    Just read in detail about immunity & vaccines, you will understand for sure..

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