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Do social networks represent an opportunity for freedom of speech?

please explain and justify,

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  • Jason
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    8 years ago
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    Free speech and democracy go hand in hand, the forums, willingness and capacity to discuss and exchange ideas are critical.

    In his early 19th C work Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocquville (sp?) discussed the reasons for Americas success.

    Amongst other things he identified the town square as being of critical importance as the people came together and talked, presumably that exchange of ideas meant that a democratic exchange of course but even more importantly more wholesome and inclusive functioning of society.

    As time progressed to the mid 20th C another writer whos name eludes me reflected on de Tocquvilles notions and suggested that the advent of television had killed democracy in America insomuch as people no longer gathered in town squares to talk and do business in the same way.

    Forward a little during the later part of the 20thC and we see public space diminishing as forums for live communication and exchange of ideas. Now the places that look like public spaces are in fact private spaces whether they be malls, live radio programs, newsmedia of all sorts. The discourse is either forbidden, controlled and slanted to a bias promoted by the spaces owners.

    Now, the internet has changed everything.

    All at once we have public space, private space, private space masquerading a public space, newsmedia and on it goes.

    There are internet forums that can be an absolute forum for free speech and an exchange or ideas, rebuttals and remaking of ideas caries on endlessly.

    Of course as many of these internet spaces are private masquerading as public, such as Facebook and many other including this forum where comments and whole pages can be removed because of particular sensitivities,

    BUT in the main the internet is the new town square.

  • Alex C
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    8 years ago

    You always have the opportunity to express your right of freedom of speech, but sure social networks promote freedom of speech because of that feeling of not having to live up to the consequences of your speech.

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