why are you mormons afraid to challenge open heart searchrey?

jopen heart does a good job of exposing mormon history and nailing some of you to the cross.

why dont some of you take her on and try to disprove her observations. . read her answers to some of my questions.

i will give you one that none of you mormons has really ever answered.

i went to my local church, and asked this question.......do you pray to jesus? answer,.... we honor jesus christ, we do nor pray to him or worship him...... next church, answer . wepray to him but do not worship him...... next church and mormon hot line, we pray to him and worship him. when i reminded them that j/s stated , worship and pray to him with all your might, they would not believe me for the first church. i think this is why mormons get so much flack, your not organized!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Open heart is a he with long hair :P and HE used to be a lot more unbiased than he is now. He used to use more logic. Now he speaks more like c. and factcheck with bitter sounding attacks.

    And I think thats the first time in history anyone has claimed the lds church is not organized enough. Find me another church where the same lesson is being taught in every single building across america each sunday and then we can talk about organization. This isnt like other churches where the message you receive any given sunday is the opinion of that particular preacher. Your issue here is that you misunderstand what worship is referring to in each context. Jesus is our savior, and our redeemer. He is revered as member of the godhead with his Father. But he HIMSELF states that his father is above him, that he can do nothing except what his father tells him.... So in that ultimate sense, we worship the father.

    John 4: 23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the ***true worshippers shall worship the Father*** in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

    Out of Jesus' own mouth.

  • Woody
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    7 years ago

    In so far has he makes some effective points, that is fine with me. I don't think any positive discourse is fostered by "nailing some of you to the cross".

    You comment that various answers are given to the same question. I hope this means that we are not robotic people without the ability to have some different opinions. Organized about every point of doctrine, maybe not. I would rather be organized to do some good in the world, no matter how many angels dance on the head of pin.

    I reject to idea that I have to personally accept every comment a church leader ever made. I am not saying this is a cafeteria religion, either. This church is all about personal revelation. The members all gave answer to the question. My answer is it's an elephant.

  • 7 years ago

    Haven't noticed any such fear. I would prefer "communicate with" rather than "challenge" Open Heart Searchery, though, and there is no fear to do so among any I have noticed. Occasionally his answers are supportive in correcting misconceptions about LDS doctrines which the less-informed often post, and I am not afraid to give him an occasional thumbs up then, either, when he deserves it.

    Jesus taught men to pray unto the Father, did so Himself, and sought to glorify His Father in all things. Why should Jesus then want us to pray to himself? In the scriptures, the pattern is shown that men worship and communicate directly with Jesus Christ when they are in His actual presence, but when they are not, their prayers are to be to God, the Eternal Father, always in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Kerry
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    7 years ago

    "....open heart does a good job of exposing mormon history and nailing some of you to the cross...."

    Can I stop laughing now? What this person does a good job of doing is pointing out something very sad. He apparently had the truth once, and then rejected it. That is probably the saddest place for one of God's children to be. It also does not speak well of someones commitment level. The Savior told us that some seeds would fall on good ground, some seeds would fall on rocky ground, etc.

    Sometimes, good seeds do not take hold nor send their roots down deep. And it is NOT the seeds' fault that happens

    Source(s): Lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    As a Mormon I have no interest spending my time debating the merits of my personal religion with anyone.

    I like to spend my spare time with my family and in doing good to others.

    Why would people who try to follow the example of Jesus Christ waste their time arguing with someone when there is so much suffering in the world to be healed?

    No more time for answering this question- I'm making freezer meals for my sick neighbour.

  • 7 years ago

    OHS is cool. Very smart able to THINK, very knowledgeable.

    I like Christians because we are not beholden to some storyteller with a rock he dug up that he calls a "Seer Stone". Seriously, Mormons, the more I learn about J. Smith , the more silly the whole story gets.


    J.S. says an "Angel" told him to go find some hidden Golden plates in a box out in the woods . In this box was also a Urim and Thumim that was to be used to "Translate" the Reformed Egyptian writing on the plates into 1600's era Olde English. (a Urim and Thumim were tools used by Hebrew Levite Priests).

    J.S. decides the Urim and Thumim are to big and inconvienient to use all the time so he pulls out his trusty seer stone that he dug up somewhere, drops it into a hat, and claims the Egyptian Characters from the plates would appear 1 by1 along with the correct English letter right next to it. (J.S. doing his own thing instead of following Gods instructions and gets away with it )

    Remember the story about Moses ant the Rock that gushed forth water?

    God said "hit the rock 2 times and water would start flowing." Moses hit the rock 3 times instead of 2 times and God got really mad at him for not doing what he was told to do. So mad that Moses was denied entry to the Promised Land as a result.

    Mr. Searchery breaks things down like I just did so the asker gets the full perspective of the answer to the Q. That is a Good Teacher.


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    well, first of all openheart is a he, not a her, so typical of your questions you're uninformed of the basic subject from the start.

    second, while I don't agree with him often, I've taken him on - but isn't that between him and I?

    We've emailed back and forth, I think we disagree on most topics, today on the subject of gay marriage I was happy to agree with him and thumb him up.

    I give him credit for having the guts to say what he thinks and not being afraid to scrap with others - and I'm willing to bet that although he doesn't like my answers, he would agree that I'm not intimidated by him at all.

    Why don't you ask him if we're afraid to challenge him - although he like to claim that I'm dishonest I won't claim the same for him, and I will suppose that he'll agree with me on this one.

    As for those who don't engage with him - that's their choice and it might be for a more noble reason than being afraid - why pick a fight with a guy who you disagree with? There are times that we all walk away because it's not wise to fight, but that's generally out of wisdom rather than fear.

    By the way, Mormons aren't organized? what! Look, if we are anything it's organized. We pray to the Father in the name of Jesus, as Jesus instructed us. However as for your questions to churches, like most of your questions it's hard to understand or believe you, but if you're trying to trip people up on a technicality you'll occasionally have success, you're wagering on a question where praise and pray to and worship can mean a lot of things, it might just be that they are all right based on their angle of explanation - but I'm really wondering if you literally went church to church asking questions - because who is staffed in a church building to answer those questions?

    By the way, with Christ and God being one in all things except for sharing a physical body, and with prayers done in the name of Jesus Christ and addressed to our Father in Heaven, with Jesus being the Son but in many sense also a Father of our souls, so if you understand the doctrine of divine investiture (most don't) then you remove any real ability to argue your point. You might be asking others who don't understand as well. In the end your question is both a yes and a no depending on the context of the answerer.

  • 7 years ago

    Are you joking? I can't count the number of lies, deceptions, and logical fallacies she uses. Good job, my eye.

    The witness of truth from the Holy Ghost makes your snide comments -- and those of Open Heart Searchery -- meaningless. People will still come unto Christ because of the burning witness of truth from the Holy Ghost. You can't stop it. You can only diminish it.

    But be sure that you really want to fight against Christ before you do so again.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Open may be a guy. I've never noticed any reference to their gender. But I digress....

    Mormons have never answered why Jesus never once refused worship when people bowed down to Him and.... what's that word again?.... "Worshiped Him". Yeah. Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, never did. Not once. Ever. Instead of instantly running to their self-inducing sleepy apologists like they are wont to do, do TBM's ever dare to honestly ask God Himself.... Why is that? Then wait on His answer alone? Probably not. Too scary a thought for them. Their church concurs.

    Why don't they challenge OHS? Because OHS "gets" mormonism for the most part. A frightening prospect to the "insert-here believers". Other mormons don't see OHS as a TBM, a true-blue mormon, like they prefer to picture themselves as. His/her "testimony" is questionable, all because s/he actually has the audacity to consider all facets of their chosen spiritual beliefs, and think things through with basic God-given mental skills. Not automatically swallow anything and everything Joseph Smith and his ilk command them to.

    OHS is more of a respectable mormon than all put together. I consider anything s/he has to say every time. Being honest with yourself is the best policy to learning truth in his/her book, instead of painting some rosy picture of what mormons prefer to believe. FARMS and FAIR. Do they also ever consider they are really worshiping whom they believe? FARMS and FAIR. Yes.

  • Ammon
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    7 years ago

    Anyone can post a question on Yahoo Answers.

    Anyone who thinks that I have any fear of answering any question

    obviously has never seen any of my answers.

    Jesus Christ is the way. Jesus Christ is the light.

    All those who keep the holy and righteous commandments of Jesus Christ

    do what is right in God's sight. And they gain God's might

    because they are right. Because Jesus Christ is right.

    Because Jesus Christ was right, is right, and always will be right...

    forever and

    ever and



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    http://Mormon.org Chat.

    God bless.

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