NO JUDGING PLEASE how to tell my parents that im dropping out of high school?

Please no judgeing

so basically, I've been through much,much,much more than your average 16-year-old. I've gone through a looong life, but as of today, I want to focus more on myself and I basically want to start over and drop out of high school. Problem is, my parents are going to kill me.....idk how to do that. Help please?

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    7 years ago
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    There is no simple way. There is no way at all that you can explain your reasons for it to be ok with your parents to drop out of high school. Dropping out of high school is not starting over. You will be just giving up. High school sucks for everybody. To the ones that say it was great are just comparing it to their life now. Go create an anonymous account and tell the forum exactly what happened. So we might be able to help you better with your life.

    You probably won't do what I suggested. So you should sit down with your parents in your living room and just tell them.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Dont worry. I'm 17 and dropped out in Decemeber for family reasons and I was pregnant and knew the baby and I would be better with the father in nj. Its my senior year and I would have been graduating here in June.. so i reccomend thinking about it hard! Getting a ged isnt 100% easy. But I will admit, if you are going through what I went through, getting out of school (and away from snobby b*tches) lol. So if you are 100% SURE, go for it. Sit them down and write down some understandable and good points for why dropping out would be the best option for you. Explain to them exactly how you intend on getting your GED. and actually do a little research on it before you talk to them so you have more info on it. Explain to them that dropping out doesnt mean you dont want to do anything with your life, but high school just isnt the same way it was when they went, and that actually getting your GED shows your smarter than 60% of high school graduates because only 40% of high school graduates could pass the GED test. And taking the GED is much less stressful because its on your clock. One more thing make sure they know that this is not just a decision you want because you just want to sleep in everyday. Maybe consider a part time job?

    Overall, tell them that you have been considering this for a while now and after understanding all the difficulties and challenges you may face, this is what you feel is best for your future and you need to do what feels right for you. Dont rush them into a decision, let them think it through for a few days.

    p.s. - just because your considered a "high school dropout" doesnt mean your stupid, I dropped out and was in the top 10% of my graduating class. But sometimes stress can overrule grades and class. You wont learn anything if you truely dont want to be there..

    good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    Tell them you have a back up plan. I suggest cyber school. You are so close to graduation and then you can take a gap year if you really can't handle things, but dropping out now after working so I hard for so long is totally not worth, no matter who you are or what your past is. If you can persevere through whatever it was that has happened in your life, I think you can manage a few more months of high school. But whatever it is you choose, good luck

  • 7 years ago

    Just tell them that you are a quitter and that you are disillusioned with the belief that quitting will allow you to start over (load of crap). Remind them that you understand that this decision will follow you for the rest of your life. You will forever be a high school drop out and accept the fact that you will earn a lot less over the course of your lifetime than high school and college graduates.

    FYI, dropping out won't allow you to focus on yourself, you'll just have no structure or any good job prospects. Life is tough, if you quit now you"ll never learn how to work through problems. You'll always look for the easy way out. Congratulations, you're about to *** up your life. No worries, yout parents will be so proud. With all your free time it would behoove you to get some therapy.

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  • 7 years ago

    You don't provide much detail for any one to help. You are allowed to drop out of high school at 16. It is a bad idea to drop out of high school. If you do drop out, then have a plan B do get a GED some time. Look into the law in your town. Usually, the school is required to provide you with free education until 21.

  • 7 years ago

    Just explain to them your plans for a successful life without completing high school. Be prepared to meet their objections. Tell them why staying in high school will cause more harm than good.

    Sometimes there are good reasons for quitting high school. For example, if your fellow students are likely to tempt you into doing something you know is wrong. Or if you are a world-class athlete and you need to spend more time training. Or if you are a great entertainer and you need to be able to travel and perform.

    Consider continuing your education via distance education at an accredited online or correspondence high school.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Firstly think about this you will loose out on alot of chances and forms of education... But what you should do is just not put much effort in to school these next couple of weeks when you parents start to notice tell them what your going though with the stress and everything and ask about leaving school remember to take it slow and keep it real they'll understand edventurly.

    Source(s): I'm in high school and I understand what you might be going though
  • 7 years ago

    Write them a letter and maybe get a job to show them that you are responsible and that you're capable of dropping out. Don't yell back at them or get angry when they yell at you and just let them yell at you. Understand that they will be very furious, but that doesn't mean your'e a bad person for doing that.

    Best of wishes!!!! I hope you get through this ok, 'cause I know how it feels to tell your parents something you really don't want to

  • 7 years ago

    write a note

    Mom and Dad, don't be upset with me BUT I'm dropping out of highschool. It's too much for me to handel at my age. I will coutinue my schooling at home. I hope this doesn't disappoint you I never want to disappoint you. This is hard for me telling you I want to drop out but I hope you understand.

    Love forever, (name)

    Hope this helps lots of love <3

  • 7 years ago

    How about. I know I am a loser and to prove it I am going to drop out of high school. It is the most truthful thing you can say as you are sentencing yourself to a lifetime of little money and menial labor jobs.

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