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How do I tell my parents that I'm dropping out of high school?

Please no judgeing

so basically, I've been through much,much,much more than your average 16-year-old. I've gone through a looong life, but as of today, I want to focus more on myself and I basically want to start over and drop out of high school. Problem is, my parents are going to kill me.....idk how to do that. Help please?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Owww , you on your own. There is no good answer for that. Well, they may get mad but there isn't much they can do. They may be disappointed in you but they will never stop loving you. I would rip off the band aid and get it over with. Good luck.

  • John S
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    7 years ago

    Your parents won't kill you.

    They will simply throw you out of the house. If you aren't going to

    school you are going to get a job and pay rent. At 16, what can you do? The fast food restaurant business, dishwashing, other menial tasks. But, hey somebody has to clean that toilets, and if your

    talents lie in that area you should pursue that.

    Of course you could run away from home and live on the street. There are a lot of openings

    in the field of prostitution that you could go into. There are guys who would go for young

    meat like yourself. When you get older you can make some gay porn.

    Then after a few years of that, then you can say you have "gone through a looong life". You

    are currently just a snot nosed kid with no experience.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Dropping out of high school doesn't let you "start over". It ends any chance of starting over that you ever had. Dropping out means you will work for minimum wage for the rest of your life, which means you'll never be able to support a family, buy a new car, go to the doctor when you get sick, eat dinner out, or any other of the luxuries in life.

    Once you drop out of high school, your life gets put on pause. You can move forward because you don't have an education.

    Changing your school situation as the person above suggested, isn't a bad idea. Take classes at an alternate high school or at the community college or get a GED.

  • 7 years ago

    Listen to me, dropping out is the worst idea. I've been through soooo much and I might be able to relate, and trust me, I sure as hell wanted to drop out.. but I sucked it up, thought 'If I keep going, I'm going to have a better life at the end'. you work hard, get through one or two more years of highschool, try to keep your head down, and it's all over. You can rest then, no need to go to college, but you can always go to college later because you've got high school done. You don't need perfect grades, just do your best. Think ahead, it's much harder to get back into high school than out of it. Please, just bite your lips and get through a few more years of school, and then you're free, but with back up :)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It takes a lot of strength and dedication to finish high school. Imagine having to tell your future children you dropped out, what a punch in the face full of embarrassment that would be. If you're as smart as you sound, you'll graduate in the blink of an eye. That diploma is one of the best rewards you will ever give yourself, don't punish yourself and forfeit that. You think you need you time now, you'll really need time when you're working your booooty offffff to survive it in the wold without a diploma. I really wish I would have graduated then I wouldn't be a recluse who can't leave the house b/c she doesn't know how to be in the real world. If only I would have known then what I know now. I would have chosen to overcome my horrible past and not of sat and wallowed in my own self pity for the last 50 years of my life.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Explain to them slowly and confidently. You're right, they're probably going to kill you, but not as much if you tell the truth calmly. They are most likely going to try to compromise with you, or go to the office to report the problems. They're going to try to change your mind.

    To be honest, and I know it says no judging but I'm not judging. This is advice, don't drop out.

    There are many, MANY, life changing and important people in this world that was bullied and went through a LOT of hard times. Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson, Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Christina Augiellar, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, YOU NAME IT. I can go ON AND ON.

    But my fingers are tired.


    Anyways, all these people were bullied and went through financial problems during teenage years and childhood. Look where there are now. A strong person ignores other people's jaunts and continues on with their head high.

    Don't give up now.

    Just ignore them.

    Focus on your studies.

    You'll show 'em!!

    But of course, you can always drop out.

    Your choice

  • 7 years ago

    High school is important.

    I am not judging you because in 11th grade I use to feel the same exact way.

    Instead of dropping out- I acutally forced my parents to enroll me into MIDDLE COLLEGE (a program where I can take my high school classes at a community college)

    It was the best decision of my life!

    It gave me freedom to explore who I was and also graduate High school!

    I am not in my 2nd year of medical school! :)

    Just know there are other opitions besides dropping out of high school!

    YOu will regret it in the future:


    1. change schools

    2. middle college

    3. home schooling

  • 7 years ago

    Dropping out of high school unless you have a major talent almost guarantees you will have to go back and fix that.(GED) Some parents just will refuse to let you. Might want to do it from over the phone if your mom/dad can get violent at times unless you want to get snatched up.

  • 7 years ago

    I BEG YOU DONT DROP OUT ..as someone who been through alot of crap in highschool and also i had terrible grades, it got to the point where i would miss weeks of classes just to get away and hangout with my boyfriend to fool around. so i could forget about being in foster care n away from family.we all go through tough stages but dont give up..enroll into a secondary highschool..its small and all the teens there are goin thru alot also but they help eachother..also you get credits faster..trust me i went to one and graduated..you can do this

  • 7 years ago

    You might want to consider Home-Schooling if youre thinking of dropping out

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