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Why did Islamist terrorists destroy the Twin Towers?

I want to know why on 9/11 2 planes from American airlines that were hijacked by Islamist terrorists crashed into the the Twin Towers. Why did they do this. and how did American airlines not be beawear of this incident.

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    The Twin Towers were considered the economic capital of the U.S., they did it to disrupt the U.S. economy. And the main reason of all terrorist acts, to strike fear and terror into the hearts of the citizens, in this case U.S. citizens.

    American Airlines didn't "beware of" it because they didn't have the security at airports like we have today. But 9/11 is the reason airport security was beefed up to today's standards.

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    Everybody who says "They wanted virigins in heaven" etc. don't really know what they are talking about. It's probably true, but 9/11 was more of a political statement than a religious martyr. America does not have the greatest reputation in the middle east, because we always sided with Israel, and were involved in a lot of scandals. I have never researched this, but I know there are a lot of reasons for them to hate America. We did a lot of stuff we shouldn't have done, dealing with the cold war. I've never actually read this, but I would guess that people are still upset about it.

    For example, we got Israel and Egypt to sign a treaty. When the Egyptian President returned to Egypt, he was assassinated by the Egyptian military during a military parade (they fired missiles and guns into his stand, but I don't believe it was the entire military, just a truckload or something). Israel was/is hated by the majority of middle eastern countries.

    Another thing was that the US overthrew the Iranian nationalist government, because it was kind of communistic. They replaced it with a brutal Shah, and then praised him. This caused the Iranian hostage crisis.

    I don't have the best answer, but I don't think anyone knows for sure. Just last month (maybe two), the US embassy was bombed in Ankara, Turkey (where I live). The bomber was a communist who wants to end US imperialism in Turkey -which doesn't even exist, or atleast not anymore. It's just a reaction to our actions during the cold war, that are still lingering around. I'm not saying the US is bad, but we aren't innocent. This however, does not mean that anybody involved in 9/11 deserved to die, just that it's understandable that we aren't liked in the middle east b/c of our history there.

    It's a tricky and sensitive topic. I think it'll be interesting to see how it is interpreted in US History textbooks.

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    It was to show the Americans how much they were hated in parts of the world.

    The airlines were a little lax as the Hi Jacking of aircraft had been going on for decades prior to that, and no security or very little improvements had been made.

    The concept of crashing them into a building was never even been considered as a viable action to take


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    Al Qaeda's strategy is to cripple the US economy to the extent that it won't be able to afford to use its military power to support Israel unconditionally in the Middle East.

    The Twin Towers were selected as an economic target.

    US airlines - and the US government and people in general - were complacent at the time,not believing US was vulnerable to this kind of terrorist attack.

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    i believe it fairly is as non violent as almost the different faith. there have been terrorist attacked dedicated via Catholics in eire for a protracted time now. And, Israel became consistent with acts of terrorism perpetrated via human beings like Menachem start up and the strict Gang (King David lodge Bombing killed Arabs, Brits, and Jews alike, to no longer point out the slaughter at Deir Yassin). yet, i might in no way pass as far as to assert that absolutely everyone Catholics are terrorists. in certainty, the overwhelming majority are no longer. comparable element with Jews and Israelis. Being in NYC, i are starting to be to be to be attentive to human beings of each race, faith and nationality. between a number of the buddies i've got made, there are some Muslims who're a number of the main type-hearted human beings i be attentive to. whilst there are (and no-one denies it) extremist, radical Islamic communities, they have as plenty to do with maximum human beings of Muslims because of the fact the KKK has to do with being a Christian American. little or no. evaluate the numbers. There are over one billion Muslims international. Arguably the religion with the main numbers. Now, if a small proportion of them have been extremist terrorists, it fairly is possibly a matching proportion as severe terrorists from the different faith. My element is... different than for having Islam in trouble-free, all of those acts of terror have something else in trouble-free: club in a theocratic extremist team.

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    It all Goes Back to what Mohamed said and I quote

    If You do not believe in me and Allah then you must die

    Most radical Muslims in North Africa Believe that Killing the Infidel ( Non Muslims) Guarantee them a One way Ticket to Paradise

    But Sharia law also Says if a man Marries his own Daughter he is also Guaranteed a Place in paradise with 70 Virgins

    this give those that cannot Kill a second way to meet Allah

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    Read Bin Laden's Fatwa against the United States. All of your answers are there.

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