What is the significance of these terms during the Cold War, WWII, and hipster era?

I have a test im studying for in History class in college. The review asks me to define the following terms during the Cold War, wwii, and hipster (beatniks) eras and explain its context and significance.

Gray Flannel Suits

"Arsenal of Democracy"

Second Front

World Bank


Atomic Diplomacy

George Kennan

The Atlantic Charter

Great East Asia

Military Keynesianism



China Lobby



Mohammad Mossadegh

Margaret Chase Smith

Elizabeth Gurley-Flynn

Please explain as many as you can, even just a few would be most helpful!!


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    Gray Flannel Suits - the "Establishment"

    "Arsenal of Democracy" - US role in helping the UK with arms in WWII

    Atomic Diplomacy - "I can wipe you out even worse than you can me!"

    Great East Asia - The "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" was Japan's name for their desired Empire at the start if WWII.

    "Howl" - a book by Alan Ginsburg widely read by "beatniks".

    China Lobby - The lobbyists for Nationalist China.

    McCarthyism - Corrupt Wisconsin senator who crusaded against (imaginary) Communists under every rug

    NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Western European nations + US in a mutual defense organization (against the USSR).

    Mohammad Mossadegh - leftist politician in Iran assassinated by the CIA

    Margaret Chase Smith - first(?) women senator in the US

    Elizabeth Gurley-Flynn - publisher(?) of Cosmopolitan magazine with a (sort of ) feminist viewpoint

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    Kennan--an consultant on foreign places concerns to the Kennedy adminstration Atlantic shape--the treaty installation NATO greater desirable East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (to apply the entire translated call)--jap propaganda call for the empire they was hoping to creat after conquering China, IndoChina, India, Phillipines, and so on militia Keynes--never observed that one beforehand, yet John Maynard Keynes replaced into an economist with theories on a thank you to regulate economies and end depressions. i think this could be some form of militaristic concept equivalent IMF--nonetheless around, set up around 1948 international financial Fund, supplies you help (in lots of situations at a severe fee) to govts in financial distrss China foyer--positioned up WW2 team, quite often Republican, stressful us of a help for Chiang Kai Shek against the chinese language Communists McCarthyism--Senator Joseph McCarthy (R--WI) claimed to have information of communist infiltration of Hollywood, the State Dept, the protection Dept, and so on and so on. finally delivered down via his own absurdities, censured via the Senate and drank himself to death NATO--North Atlantic treaty enterprise--us of a, Canada, and distinctive west ecu international locations alliance to stand the threat of a Soviet takeover of Europe Mohammed Mossadegh--best Minister of Iran around 1950. tried to overthrow the Shah, and grab western owned oil fields, too friendly with the Soviets. reported for crying for the period of substantial speeches. CIA took him out. Margaret Chase Smith--Senator, (R--Maine) Elizabeth Gurley Flynn--magazine writer, Cosmopolitan. reported for horny articles

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