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How can I straighten my teeth at home?

I'm looking for an easy way to straighten my teeth. Don't tell me to get braces either. My teeth are pretty much straight except for this one tooth that's sticking out a little too much and one of my bottom tooth's is a little out of line. I there anyways I can straighten them at home besides for getting braces. There not noticeably un-straight, I just don't like it that I can see it myself.

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    There is no home remedy but a dentist may be able to do a retainer instead of braces.

    Source(s): 15 years dental and oral surgery office experience
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    You could wear a teeth guard at night to straighten your teeth...I mean you would still have to purchase from the dentist.

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    You could check your options for Invisalign Teen, they usually deal with cases like yours that are less extreme than braces.

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    Try going to an orthodontist and ask him if he can give you a retainer. If you he gives you one, make sure that you wear it constantly!!! Otherwise you won't get results.

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