What are some good names for doctors?

I'm writing another book and in a part there is a evil doctor? I need a good name so he can be like 'Oh hello my name is doctor ____ ____!' or something. I need it to sound really doctory and trusting...? Like if you were meeting a doctor and they needed to sound smart and trustworthy? I guess thats all I can do to explain it. Nothing like Smith or something common please. Thanks! ;)


Picture Cooper from Private practice/Paul Kellermen from Prison Break if tht helps

Update 2:

I'm thinking like Collins Reynolds Matthews Finch i dont know but i zachary coleman!

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    7 years ago
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    Doctor Andrew Hopkins

    Doctor Michael Fitzgerald

    Doctor Benjamin "Ben" Clarke (or Cole)

    Doctor Justin Markson

    Doctor Zachary Coleman

    Doctor Ray Hanson

    Doctor Alexander Thredson

    Doctor Alec Ross

    Doctor Henry Williams

    Doctor Kyle Lynch

    Doctor Jason Williams

    Doctor Oliver Henrikson

    Doctor Christopher Hayes

    Doctor Jacob Wilde

    Doctor Matthew Lane

    Doctor David Olsen

    Doctor Lyle Forrest

    Doctor Nathan Fields

    Doctor James Preston

    Hope I helped :) I know some of these are common, but a doctor named Slade Moonblood wouldn't be taken as seriously as Doctor Nathan Fields. Good luck :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Doctor James Healy at your service.

    Doctor Matthew J Watson

    Doctor William K Jefferson

    Source(s): No, actually, I had a doctor named Healy once. Had a right thick accent too, like the guy who plays House.
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  • 7 years ago

    Aaron Matthews

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