What are some online stores that sell authentic cheap Chanel handbags or wallets?

I found this store: http://www.chaneloutletcenter2013.com/chanel-bags.... But I doubt that the bags are authentic and the reviews seem kind of sketchy since they all are posted during the same time frame and basically say the same thing. what do you guys think? If you have any better store suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

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    There aren't any. Bottom line is, Chanel is a luxury brand, so it's expensive. It doesn't get discounted, so any items you see online at a discounted price are going to be fake. Some fakes are relatively well-made, but they're fake all the same.

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    Cheap Chanel Handbags

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    Cheap, Authentic, and Chanel never go together. It's not happening. It doesn't matter if it's used. Since Chanel bags are in such high demand, their selling price, even used, rarely dips below normal retail value (their smallest purses retail for 800 dollars). If you can't afford a genuine Chanel, either start saving or buy yourself a knock-off. Heck, even knock-offs retail for hundreds, as long as they look real enough. I've seen fake Chanel 2.55 purses that the sellers specifically listed as replicas retail for a thousand or so, which is considered "cheap".

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    online stores sell authentic cheap chanel handbags wallets

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    What are some online stores that sell authentic cheap Chanel handbags or wallets?

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    Yes, they are fake. I suggest going to the nearest Chanel store or Neiman Marcus. :) Or you can buy authentic pre-owned bags here;




    If you can't afford it, don't buy a fake! It's illegal >.< Just get a Michael Kors, Calvin Klien, Marc by Marc Jacobs,Diane Von Frustenberg, Tory Burch, See by Chloé, Coach, Kate Spade or Juicy Couture bag!

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