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The real cause of increased CO2?

I'm so friggin sick and tired of everybody blaming pollution and all that crap on increased CO2. The REAL answer is we DON'T KNOW exactly what is causing it.

But WHY doesn't anybody bring up the huge and increasing population of animals and humans on this planet and ALL the CO2 we emit from breathing and farting ? Maybe the REAL problem is us OURSELVES..... how come no articles on that friggin aspect ? Ohh, I forgot there's no politics from blaming that aspect....even though it could be the real cause.

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    There used to be a balance in nature as animals give off CO2 and plants take in the CO2 and convert it by photosynthesis. Man is now emitting 30,000,000,000 tons of CO2 each year, much more than the plants can take in. This has upset the balance and increased the amount of CO2 in the air. Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas known to cause the Earth to warm, that means that the Earth is getting warmer in response. It's just the laws of physics.

    You're certainly right that the increasing population is a problem, and there are a couple of articles below which explains why we better wake up and pay attention to that fact.

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    that is the very question that were given Gore interested in this again contained in the day. He had a professor in college introduce the CO2 element graphs. the ranges dip contained in the wintry climate, at the same time as the solar isn't usually miraculous the northern hemisphere, so flora soak up a lot less CO2, and then spikes contained in the summer season, at the same time as flora soak up extra CO2. this happens curiously because there's a much better quantity of land mass north of the equator, meaning extra flora north of the equator. even if, the variety has been that each and every summer season spike is larger on time-honored than the spike formerly, indicating that CO2 ranges are increasing time-honored. all of us comprehend this isn't a organic phenomena because the scientists can appropriately assume CO2 ranges contained in the previous by technique of analyzing ice cores, and the will develop were no longer going on formerly human delivered on atmospheric interference began, quite in the course of the 1800's on the start of the commercial revolution.

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    Gunny T explains it the best in his answer to a question here at Y/A : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArdWd...

    Most of the alarm came from the one degree spike world-wide in 1997-1998. Climate science found that this was caused naturally and human emissions had nothing to do with it. Since 1880 the planet has warmed by 0.75 C and much of that warming happened before the 1940s. From about 1940 to 1975 the average temperature dropped, yet human CO2 emissions tripled during that time.

    When we know that the planet can warm on its own by 1 whole degree in one year and there is a negligible rise since 1880 where much of it happened before CO2 emissions were an issue, then who is denying the truth? Where is the "Global Warming"? The increase of global temperatures due to human emissions is negligible.

    CO2 has a limited warming capability due to its ability to receive IR at specific wavelengths. Read here : http://tallbloke.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/bryce...

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    Actually, we do know what is causing it.

    Fossil fuels have been buried underground for millions of years. That means the ratio of C12 to C14 isotopes in fossil fuels is different to that found in trees today because some of the C14 in the fuels has radioactively decayed.

    When we look at the carbon ratios in trees, we find they are different to what we expect. The only way we have of explaining those ratios is that modern trees are absorbing CO2 that is produced by us burning fossil fuels. Therefore, the CO2 increase due to us has a measurable effect on the ratio of carbon isotopes in plants.

    This wouldn't happen if the CO2 increase was purely natural. Therefore we can conclude that at least some of the CO2 increase is caused by us. Since this phenomenon is seen across the globe, we can estimate how much fossil-fuel CO2 is needed to do that. We find that almost all the CO2 increase would have to be caused by us. When we estimate how much we pump into the sky and how quickly it is absorbed, we find it matches the levels we've measured in the atmosphere since the 1950s.

    There is now virtually no doubt that CO2 levels are rising because of us pumping fossil fuels into the sky.

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    Nobody can help you if you don't read. Methane from animals is a known source of greenhouse gas. Try reading the news a little before going off on uneducated rants.


    We do know what is causing the increase in atmospheric CO2. Perhaps you don't, but that's your problem. We know that humans emit great amounts of CO2 through combustion. We know that goes into the air. We know it lasts in the air for centuries, therefore it is physically impossible for human activity to not increase atmospheric CO2 We know that the increased CO2 includes more of the isotope that comes from fossil and wood fuels than does CO2 from natural sources.

    If you are so tired of being ignorant, then educate yourself.

  • Anonymous
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    All the humans ans animals burping and farting don't increase the CO2 on Earth enough to even worry about. It is not the cause

    The main cause is the burning of fossil fuels primarily for electricity production and then transportation

    Another major cause is the Methane generated by our garbage and sewage

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    Another uneducated person who thinks he knows more than scientists with doctorates. WHY??

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    cuts the treeSSSS

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