Which of these are your top 10 favorite WCW Wrestlers?

100. Jimmy Garvin (The Fabulous Freebird)

#99. Van Hammer

#98. Ernest "The Cat" Miller

#97. Lash LeRoux

#96. KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan "Wrath" Clark)

#95. 3 Count (Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms)

#94. Norman Smiley

#93. 2 Cold Scorpio

#92. Avalanche/Shark (John Tenta)

#91. Vampiro

#90. Junkyard Dog

#89. Bunkhouse Buck

#88. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

#87. Scott Norton

#86. Butch Reed (Doom)

#85. Tommy Rich

#84. "Pretty" Paul Roma

#83. Prince Laukea

#82. Steve "Mongo" McMichael

#81. Terry Taylor

#80. Dick Slater

#79. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (The Fabulous Freebird)

#78. The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)

#77. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags)

#76. Brad Armstrong

#75. "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk

#74. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

#73. "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith

#72. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen

#71. Bam Bam Bigelow

#70. Mike Rotunda/ V.K. Wallstreet

#69. Hugh Morrus

#68. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

#67. Glacier

#66. Masahiro Chono

#65. Barbarian

#64. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

#63. Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge)

#64. Big Bubba Rogers

#63. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndroff

#62. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

#61. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

#60. Syxx

#59. Stevie Ray (Harlem Heat)

#58. Johnny B. Badd

#57. The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk)

#56. Fit Finlay

#55. La Parka

#54. Jushin "Thunder" Liger

#53. Psychosis

#52. "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright

#51. Disco Inferno

#50. Juventud Guerrera

#49. Perry Saturn

#48. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

#47. Lance Storm

#46. Meng

#45. Raven

#44. Chris Kanyon

#43. Billy Kidman

#42. Konnan

#41. Curt Hennig

#40. Marcus "Buff" Bagwell

#39. Larry Zbyszko

#38. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

#37. Michael "P.S. Hayes

#36. Cactus Jack

#35. "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan

#34. Eddie Guerrero

#33. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

#32. Chris Jericho

#31. "Flyin" Brian Pillman

#30. Ultimo Dragon

#29. The Great Muta

#28. Dean Malenko

#27. Lord Steven Regal

#26. Terry Funk

#25. Chris Benoit

#24. Bret "Hitman" Hart

#23. "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes

#22. Jeff Jarrett

#21. Rick Steiner

#20. Big Van Vader

#19. "Stunning" Steve Austin

#18. Sid Vicious

#17. Barry Windham

#16. Ron Simmons

#15. Scott Hall

#14. Arn Anderson

#13. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

#12. "Ravishing" Rick Rude

#11. The Giant

#10. Scott Steiner

#9. Booker T

#8. Macho Man Randy Savage

#7. Diamond Dallas Page

#6. Kevin Nash

#5. "The Total Package" Lex Luger

#4. Bill Goldberg

#3. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan

#2. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

#1. Sting


What is your opinion?

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    everyone has their choice here are my top 10-

    10) sid justice- he is overratred but i loved him. he ranks 35 on my all time greats list. he didn't knew much moves of prowrestling & was the last guy u wanna face if u are concerned about injuries but was indeed a draw. i still believe W.C.W. would have been in the business if his world title was allowed to end satisfactorily.

    9) randy savage- the macho man was killed in W.C.W. but i loved his work. i believe he was one of the greatest in-ring workers of all time & is the greatest in-ring workers of mid-80's. i feel he was better than both flair & hogan. he was once in a life time superstar although cm punk reminds of the macho man.

    8) "rowdy" roddy piper- another classy heel. no here he was a face. i remember his all time great promo of W.C.W. to hollywood hogan(when he just turned heel) "do u think they( referring to fans) would have loved u so much hadn't they hated me." this led to a point of crazy cheers for this man. he also gave nice matches with flair, bret hart & of course hogan.

    7) kevin nash- boy that kevin nash is a nasty individual. he was somewhat similar to sid in size but he was a politician but sid was a bully not a politician. kevin had 5 W.C.W. world title reigns & all were self booked. he didn't knew much moves but had charisma. he was above average on mic & had an amazing stint as the leader of the wolfpac. there are many negative thoughts about him but its out of topic now.

    6) goldberg- 173-0. that all tells the story. a great streak but overrated. i think his heel run killed the company. goldberg was better off as a face & when they turned him back to a face it was too late. then, he got injured which was final nail in the coffin. if properly used he & sting would have saved the company but thats an out of discussion.

    5) hollywood hogan- the greatest heel turn in the history of prowrestling. hogan was a villain both on stage & of stage. from his politicing he destroyed almost every main eventer of the company & i hated him very much for that. he also is the longest reigning W.C.W. champion of all time.

    4) ric flair-" the limo riding, kiss stealing, jet flying styling profiling 16 time world champion the nature boy" ric flair is rank 4. flair is amongst the most loved faces & arguably the most booed heel of all time. flair's segments as the president were amazing in the dying face of the company & so as his segments with the horsemen & sting in the early phase. i loved the guy for his entertainment skill.

    3) chris benoit- the most underrated guy in W.C.W. he tried to rise but always surpressed. i believe he did the right thing by leaving the company as the world champion. benoit is the second best technician of all time. he always reminded of bret hart. bret himself said "i raised him." the man worked his butt off for the company & i respect him for that. i don't care about what he did in his personal life he will forever be one of the greatest of all time. he ranks 10 on my all time greats list.

    2) bret hart- "the best there is, the best there was & the best there ever will be." yeah he was killed in W.C.W. but to me he forever will be the greatest technical wrestler ever to lace up a pair of boots. there was no one better than hart in the ring. i loved him & his work. specially his greatest segment in W.C.W was the metal plate angle with goldberg.

    1) sting- he is the icon, he is the franchise of W.C.W, he is the superstar, HE IS THE MAN CALLED STING. i love stinger. he is an all time great. he & taker are the only one who never did any backstage politics thats why they are respected so much. a classy wrestler. noo a days he is still very fast at 53. not at all out of shape. i loved it when the commentators screamed at his victories- STINGER HAS DONE IT. or his own promos"its showtime folks"

    Source(s): i'm a big fan of prowrestling
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    Best Wcw Wrestlers

  • 7 years ago

    1. Diamond Dallas Page

    2. Chris Jericho

    3. Chris Benoit

    4. Curt Hennig

    5. Raven

    6. Sting

    7. Kevin Nash

    8. Scott Hall

    9. Konnan

    10. Eddie Guerrero

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    Which of these are your top 10 favorite WCW Wrestlers?

    100. Jimmy Garvin (The Fabulous Freebird)

    #99. Van Hammer

    #98. Ernest "The Cat" Miller

    #97. Lash LeRoux

    #96. KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan "Wrath" Clark)

    #95. 3 Count (Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms)

    #94. Norman Smiley

    #93. 2 Cold Scorpio


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    Wcw Superstars

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    1. Scott Steiner 2. Hulk Hogan 3. Buff Bagwell 4. Scott Hall 5. Macho Man 6. DDP 7. Goldberg 8. Ric Flair 9. Norman Smiley 10. Disco Inferno BQ; Hogan vs Goldberg for the World title live on Nitro! That isn't my favorite match now but it was back then. I couldnt afford many ppvs so my friends and I all went and had a party and watched this match and we all cherred when Goldberg won.

  • 7 years ago

    1. Lord Steven Regal

    2. Dean Malenko

    3. Chris Benoit

    4. Eddie Guerrero

    5. Chris Jericho

    6. Ultimo Dragon

    7. Jushin "Thunder" Liger

    8. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

    9. Big Van Vader

    10. Fit Finlay

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    Four Horsemen

    Source(s): ALL OF THEM!
  • 7 years ago

    Lance Storm without a doubt! You can tell by his technical wrestling.

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    This is puzzling to me too

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