What order should I read Pretty Little Liars in?

I am restarting the Pretty Little Liars series because I read up to book five and then I stopped.

I know there is a prequel and there is Pretty Little Secrets which is between book 4 and 5, so should I read the prequel first and then the first four and then Pretty Little Secrets?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hey! ^-^

    Here's the order you have to read them in. Well, the order I was told to read them in, at least.

    1. Pretty Little Liars

    2. Flawless

    3. Perfect

    4. Unbelievable

    5. Pretty Little Secrets

    6. Wicked

    7. Killer

    8. Heartless

    9. Wanted

    10. Twisted

    11. Ruthless

    12. Stunning

    13. Burned

    14. Ali's Pretty Little Lies

    15. Crushed [Comes out June 4, 2013]

    16. Deadly [Comes out December 3, 2013]

    I hope I helped! =D

  • 3 years ago

    you should be analyzing it so as. it quite is a sequence and it will confuse you in case you have overlooked factors of the books. additionally then you quite won't prefer to study the different books that have been made before that one because of the fact you will already comprehend what got here approximately.

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