How did the Tennessee Valley affect people lives?

Now this IS NOT homework I swear. This is a serious question. My friends was asking me this question and I don't know the answer to it.

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    Under the Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933, the Federal Government provided electric power to States, counties, municipalities and nonprofit cooperatives. It was a part of the Federal initiatives to provide navigation, flood control, strategic materials for national defense, electric power, relief of unemployment and improvement of living conditions in rural areas.

    The region is predominantly agricultural and, as the productiveness of the farms decreases, the plight of their owners becomes ever more desperate. The availability of improved phosphates for large-scale tests and demonstrations and of low cost electricity is enabling farmers to work out procedures aimed at a sustained agriculture, to reduce drudgery in the home and on the farm, and to enjoy modern conveniences that electricity makes possible.

    Educational and recreational programs have been established in cooperation with local educational agencies for TVA employees and their families in the towns that lie within the Authority's jurisdiction. Perhaps less important, but nonetheless significant, are the opportunities for employment on the construction projects and the standards set by the TVA in handling its large labor force. Workers are employed on the basis of special tests developed in cooperation with the United States Civil Service Commission. They are entitled to organize according to their own preferences, and labor and management work together on employee problems. Since construction work is necessarily temporary, the TVA's job training program not only contributes to work efficiency but allows employees to prepare themselves for other work when the TVA job is finished. During the fiscal year ending June 30, 1938, approximately 8,000 job training meetings were held with an attendance of 63,071, and 4,034 adult education meetings drew an attendance of 79,129.

    All possible assistance is given to families forced to move from the reservoir areas. Records indicate that, in general, they have improved their lot. In moving these people, due regard was paid to their natural feelings, for in many cases they left homes occupied by their families for more than a century. The story is told of one family who resisted removal because it would entail extinguishing the hearth fire that had been burning continuously for three generations. The TVA cut the Gordian knot by keeping the fire going while it moved the family to its new home.

    In its program for flood and navigation control, for land reclamation, and for cheap electric light and power the TVA is substituting order and design for haphazard, unplanned, and unintegrated development. Through its social and educational activities it is bringing to this region a consciousness of its own rich natural and human resources.

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    Are you asking about the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)? Through the creation of dams, TVA brought cheap electricity to rural areas and helped control flooding from our torrential rains. It also created jobs to help Americans during the Depression.

    A good history of TVA is at

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    Better answer, it gave the American people jobs during the Great Depression. Therefore, the TVA positively impacted the lives of Americans giving them more income.

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