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專利商標事務所 行政人員的工作內容20點

因為我即將要到專利商標事務所上班 是當行政人員

但是因為沒有這種經驗 想請問已在職的各位 行政人員的工作內容為何?


所以也想知道一般會用到那些英文 或是會遇到那些問題?

麻煩請各位有經驗知道的人 詳細解答一下



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  • 7 years ago
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    Dear Madam,

    I would tell you the truth.

    No experience is required for your job.

    English proficiency is also not important because you can learn from your work.

    Do not expect a high pay.

    High pay employees in a patent and trademark firm are sales representatives.

    No business no work.

    You can expect a salary of 20-25k no more than 30k per month.

    Mr. Peng from Taipei

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