What to color ideas to what to draw ?

1.A house 2.A rose 3. A holiday 4. What do you think that's what matters or Your favorite Cartoon

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  • 7 years ago
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    I slightly do not understand your question. Are you asking for color ideas for these? or are you asking about which of these to draw? I'm just going to guess you meant the second one. :) It truly depends on what your style is, though.

    If you like more of architectural, basic draw-what-you-see things, you should draw the house.

    If you like swirls and flowers, maybe a bit more of feminine things, go for the rose.

    If you like kinda fun colors and splashes of random objects, I'd go for the holidays.

    Any one of these could be something else though. houses aren't always square shapes. rose aren't alwyas feminine, and holidays could be bland, but just the typical stuff.

    Ok, I'm just going to give you color suggestions anyways.

    1. Probably neutral colors; black, gray, tan, white. etc.

    2. Red, pink, white, black

    3. bright colors- yellow, green, orange, red, just fun playful colors.

    Hope this helps!! :)

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