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Buying Amoxicillin online ?

i was wondering if this site is safe as i have a bacterial infection but do not wish to go to the doctors, i typed into google if Amoxicillin was possible to obtain through your chemist and found this website, i'm pretty unsure of it and would like someone elses opinion, thanks :}

I have been subscribed Amoxicillin before, i did not have any side effects or reactions.

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    Perhaps one should start be saying that even in medical hands it has been estimated that 85% of all antibiotics prescribed for a indications are considered unnecessary. This is resulting in what has been called the 'Antibiotic Apocalypse'.

    It is also estimated that over 80 of all POM (prescription only medication,) purchased online without prescription are non genuine. Hopefully that answers your question.

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    Buy Amoxicillin

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    You have supplied a link that shows that to purchase the items you do have to have a valid and current prescription to do so. So you are stuck, and even if you did have one, does not the time delay in getting them to your door not increase your problems.

    The other issue is that you do not have any idea what is the most appropriate antibiotic for your current infection and if it is a repeat infection then any Dr will try a different one to try to sort the problem.

    Be sensible and do it properly and see your Dr.

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    antibiotics should not be bought on line and you should not take them unless prescribed by a doctor because if you are taking any other sort of medication there could be serious side effects. now if you are embaressed about your ailment dont be; your doctor will send you to a hospital clinic without examination unless you are suffering from a chest infection. you must also find out if you have any allergies to pennicilin.

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    the major problem with all on-line pharmacies is you have no idea what you are getting, go to the doctor and get medication you need through a licensed practitioner.

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    To add to the answers, How do you know it's amox you need, and not another antibiotic?

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