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Buying Amoxicillin online ?

i was wondering if this site is safe as i have a bacterial infection but do not wish to go to the doctors, i typed into google if Amoxicillin was possible to obtain through your chemist and found this website, i'm pretty unsure of it and would like someone elses opinion, thanks :}

I have been subscribed Amoxicillin before, i did not have any reactions.

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    Here's the thing... Amoxicillin requires a prescription to get so any website claiming to sell it without a prescription is lying to you. They will either sell you a fake pill (which you'll never know what's in it), they will sell you the real thing (meaning you're buying a drug illegally and could be prosecuted once they are caught), and/or they will just steal your credit card number and run... any way you slice it, it's a bad idea.

    If you have an infection, you need to get the right kind of antibiotic and you need to get the right dose... too little or too much of the right kind can make the situation worse and that's how some bacterial infections get even stronger. Simply put, that means you should ONLY take an antibiotic when your doctor says to and follow their instructions on it until the entire prescription is gone... no more and no less. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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    In the US, amoxicillin is available as a livestock medication. It is the exact same stuff as used in human medicine. It usually comes as a powder or an injectable. You would have to figure out the correct dosage for your weight. I have never seen it as a pill or tablet.

    If you are looking at a site that is selling pills for human consumption, check the country of origin. There are countries which allow any drug to be purchased by anyone, but there are no quality checks. In other words, you could be buying capsules of powdered plaster.

    Be careful.

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    Abuse and reckless use of antibiotics is why we have these multi-drug-resistant flesh-eating disease around now. Please remember this and don't be one of those people as the next person to be affected could be someone you love.

    The things are dangerous... google MRSA, multidrug resistant TB, ESBL, etc. I've attached a simple wiki link and you may get an overview. This is why antibiotics require a prescription. It's not just the good of you, but also for the good of the entire human race.

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    you have offered a link that exhibits that to purchase the products you do could have a valid and modern-day prescription to take action. so which you're caught, and whether you probably did have one, does no longer the time postpone in getting them on your door no longer boost your problems. the different undertaking is which you haven't any concept what's the superb antibiotic to your modern-day an infection and no remember if that's a repeat an infection then any Dr will attempt a diverse one to attempt to sort the priority. Be clever and do it right and spot your Dr.

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