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Did Shawn Michaels invent the sweet chin music during a match or a promo?

I don't know anything about this so i'm hoping that someone could tell me about it.

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    he'd been using the 'super kick' in matches since his tag team days... and when 'Finishers' became more common I think it was just a natural choice as "His Move"... all but cemented when the Rockers split, and he used the kick during the Barber Shop skit

    I think he coined the name during a promo.... but back then the 'custom names' were just as often something thought up well in advance by Creative, and then 'name checked' during commentary by the announce team, often citing the Wrestler ... ie at the end of a Match Gorilla is voicing over the replay and he'd say something to the effect of "an impressive win by this Young man with that super kick he calls Sweet Chin Music"

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    It was originaly called The Super Kick, but Shawn changed he's during to The Sweet Chin Music in the mid 90s when he's career started sky rocketing.

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    He used to execute that move which was then reffered to as his superkick and later decided to use it as his finisher since he thought it was the best move he had. He says he was watching baseball one night and the ball hit a player in the chin (something like and the commentator said that player had just taken some "sweet chin music". Shawn thought that was a cool name and started referring to his finisher as Sweet Chin Music since then.

    Once during a match he randomly thought of stumping his feet to the ground before the SCM to get the audience's attention and the crowd LOVED it, so he decided to keep using that as well. (which was later called 'tuning up the band.')

  • Shawn Michaels always inherited the Sweet Chin Music feat, dating back to the 1980s. The trace of original during that epoch of time was when he started to wrestle in AWA Championship Wrestling.

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    It is just a plain chin kick . Around long before wwe. He named it sweet chin music 93-94

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    Trick question. He didn't invent it at all! The move was made famous by "Gentleman" Chris Adams

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