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Selling goods online?

Has anyone had experience on selling goods online and accepting a personal check from the buyer? I recently posted an ad on Sulekha.com to sell something. Someone wants to buy it and wants to send me a personal check. Once it is cleared the person will send a mover to pick up the item. Not sure if it is a scam. Anyone have any advice/story/experience to share?

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    NEVER accept checks for any reason - they will usually bounce but it can take 3-4 weeks, long after they have your item. Your bank will give you the money after 3 days as a courtesy so you think it's all good. The problem is, with counterfeit checks that use a real person or company account number, it's not until the cancelled check is returned to the real payee with their next montlhy statement, which could be 4 weeks from now, that the check is reported and the money is withdrawn from your account

    The ONLY safe payment method is a USPS money order - they have to be bought from the post office and you cash them at the post office. The post office will tell you on the spot if it's fake or real as they have a record of every check and the amount in their system. Don't accept any other checks or money orders - tell them you accept USPS Money Orders only and if they send anything else it will be returned to them

    I also don't know anyone who buys anything sight unseen and would send a mover to pick up something when they have not even looked at it themselves

    Don't bother responding - wait for someone who can pay cash or will pay with a USPS money order

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    If it were real they'd use a money order. It will take weeks for the check to truly clear. Your bank will say its in your account in s few days but that doesn't mean its cleared yet. When it bounces you'll be out the money.

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    Don't take a personal check unless u know the person. could be a scam. cash is the best way to go.

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