What is the Air Force's TACP training pipeline?

im looking at Air Force TACP and I can not find specific training can somebody help me?

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    First you attend 8.5 weeks of BMT then....

    All TACP candidates attend a 85-day training course at Hurlburt Field, Florida, home of Air Force Special Operations Command. After one year of being CMR and having the 5 skill level Airmen are eligible to attend Joint Terminal Attack Controller qualification course at Nellis AFB or if in Europe the USAFE AGOS. Attendance on this course is based on training NCO and commanders recommendation and is not guaranteed.

    All TACP candidates now attend a 5-day long indoctrination course at Lackland AFB immediately following basic military training. The course is designed to educate candidates on the TACP career field and also to weed out any candidates not fit to continue on to the TACP schoolhouse. A PAST test and a 4-mile ruck march must be completed to pass.

    Initial Training

    Block I Basic Career Knowledge (5 Days)

    Basic career knowledge and associated publications.

    Block II Portable Communications Equipment (20 Days)

    Portable radio familiarization and training.

    Block III Communications Pallet (11 Days)

    Vehicle-mounted radio communications familiarization and training.

    Block IV Ground Environment Training (20 Days)

    Field training exercise, Day and night land navigation, vehicle navigation, convoy training, and small unit tactics. Also, including training in bivouac setup, site selection, patrolling methods, and day and night navigation on foot and in a vehicle.

    Block V Air Support Coordination/Weapons Systems (5 Days)

    Methods and means of requesting close air support, weapons effects and utilization, and other coordination procedures.

    Block VI Close Air Support Procedures (12 Days)

    Field training exercise, including close air support planning and execution.

    Advanced Training

    United States Air Force Combat Survival School – SERE Course—3 weeks, Fairchild AFB, Washington

    United States Army Airborne School** – Basic Parachutist Course—3 weeks, Fort Benning, Georgia

    Special Tactics Advanced Skills Course – 12 weeks, Hurlburt Field, Florida

    Optional Advanced Training

    US Army Jumpmaster Course — Fort Benning, Georgia[

    US Army Air Assault School – Fort Campbell, Kentucky (in addition to other locations that offer this course, such Schoefield Barracks, Hawaii)

    US Army Ranger School – Fort Benning, Georgia

    Special Forces Military Freefall Course—Freefall Parachuting Course – 5 weeks, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona

    Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course – Open and Closed-Circuit SCUBA and Waterborne Infiltration Course-5 weeks, NAS Key West, Florida

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    Air Force Tacp

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    there is no pipeline for TACP

    you have a short indoc

    then you go to the 3 month TACP tech school

    where you are trained to use the equipment and radio procedures, along with physical fitness

    then you are assigned to an Army brigade at a army post

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    Everything is on this website:


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