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Was Leonardo da Vinci really homosexual?

And is the Mona Lisa a hermaphrodite?

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    It's rather possible. He had been charged sometime in the late 1400's with sodomy as well as three other men. With the exception of Beatrice and Isabella Este, {two sisters, one of whom he painted, Isabella} it has been said that Leonardo had no close relationships with women and kept his private life rather to himself. In the 16th century many speculated about Leonardo de Vinci's sexuality and possible sexual encounters with his pupils, Salai and Melzi.

    As for the 'Mona Lisa', I don't think so, I haven't heard about this speculation ever before. But I do know that the painting was painted much like Leonardo's mother, Caterina in what is said to have been in memory of her as well as incorporating his own likeliness.

    In truth, I don't believe that we will know.

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    It has been speculated that Leonardo Da Vinci was homosexual, or had homoerotic tendencies.

    His assistant, Salai, was often thought to be his gay lover, and some art experts and historians believe that he was actually the inspiration for the Mona Lisa.

    It was also rumoured that he was a lover of Cesare Borgia, Captain-General of the Papal armies and son of Pope Alexander VI

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    No, you're just seeing the product of art historians, often being gay, speculating endlessly.

    They're as bad as the masons, discontented until they've proved every famous genius in history was a member of their clique.

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