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Why are my SAT scores not really improving? :(?

I feel really guilty. My parents paid my tutoring sessions for almost a year, but my scores only improved 2020 to 2140. And I assure you, my tutors are excellent. My friends improved by 100s of points because of the sessions.

I fully finished the Blue Collegeboard, Barrons SAT, and parts of Kaplan's book.

I was totally dedicated to Barron's long list of vocabulary words.


Do I need a 2400 book? Tips are really appreciated!


My goal: TO GO TO BROWN UNIV. Avg SAT score for that school: around 2300

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well 100 points from 2000+ is a lot. The SATs is a test to trick you. Getting a perfect score is extremely hard. If you get 5 questions wrong in the math w/o leaving anything blank you automatically lose 100 points. From what I read you're doing fine. Since you've dedicated in memorizing the vocabulary you're doing good. Keep taking Practice tests that's the only way you're gonna get used to all the tricks that the SAT throws at you. And although I'm pretty sure you have already learn all the grammar tricks in the writing like the uses of who and whom. In a nut shell keep taking practice tests.

    Source(s): Already took SAT and these are the advice I got from teachers
  • 5 years ago

    Your purpose is reachable - nonetheless, if you're a junior or more youthful, I incredibly endorse both taking the June SAT the EARLIEST or waiting except the October SAT to look that tremendous of an improvement. Growth takes plenty of rough work and self-discipline. The SAT is a hyper-certain scan - it only assessments how good you're at taking the SAT, not how wise you're. It's intentionally difficult. The first-class way to support is to grow to be aware of the examination - by using taking it over, and over, and over again by way of follow checks. If you haven't finished so already, go out and purchase The university Board blue book, and probably Barron's SAT or McGraw Hill's 12 actual SATs. Those are the books most tutors use given that they have got questions most like the real SAT. Set a exact be trained agenda, reminiscent of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:30 - 6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. If you don't set aside a agenda, you most often will not sit down and study. If you have the method, talk to your parents a couple of application or a tutor. I don't advise a lecture room path - those are for the "typical" scholar who rating 1500, and so they're so ridiculously standardized it will not aid you the place you need it. Rather, take plenty of full-length, timed diagnostic checks and stick to a gain knowledge of schedule - or purchase a program that offers you exact classes and a agenda. If you need free practice proper away, down load the free diagnostic examination from the college Board website and signal up for the question of the day. Also, working to your vocab ASAP - it will help give a boost to both your reading and Writing scores. There may be a free website for SAT vocab I included below. If you are set on taking the June SAT, please please get started correct away!

  • 8 years ago

    You can only get a 2400 so chill. Literally any college will take you,

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    8 years ago

    Those are excellent scores

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