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I am able to log into my yahoo email account but am not able to access my inbox. What do I do?

I am able to access on my cell phone only but cannot from my computer. I can clearly see that I have emails posted in my box but when I click on "inbox" nothing happens. Please help.

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    Yahoo is introducing its 2013 version of YMail. It is causing the problem you describe. Don't change any computer settings. We saw the same thing in 2009 when Yahoo was introducing its newest YMail. There were many problems. Only 2%-5% of users experience a problem on any day. None of the normal "help" tips work. The problem clears up for those users in 2 days or 2 weeks. Then a different group of users has the problem. This continues for up to 6 weeks. The problems rotate around and the "error messages" don't explain anything. Yahoo considered a "Current Problems" page where you could go to see if you were alone. Right now you can go to or to Y!A to see if anyone else has the problem. When Yahoo is done with the 2013 updates, the problems will all disappear at once.

    The only thing that works today is to switch to another browser for a few days (altho Yahoo is supposed to work with all browsers). Otherwise, you just have to wait until Yahoo gets things fixed. They always do.

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    I am having the same problem... I am logged into yahoo ...but cannot get into my emails. (I assume it is a yahoo server issue) I keep getting looped back to the yahoo email login page for my password.

    And yes I cleared everything... basically it is not us is them...

    Update: My other yahoo email account is not affected.

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    it is 12/24/13 and while i visit my yahoo e mail account, it asks to verify my password, I do it, and then the mail pops up for sort of 5 seconds and then is going lower back to the password request web page lower back. Any help?

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    if you are sure about your internet connection working fine and want to open mails in your computer try switching the browsers and clear all cache before you log-in to your account!after that it should be fine.


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