Do you prefer short names, or long names with a "nickname"?

An example: Do you prefer Elis as a full name or Elisabeth, nickname "Elis"?

And why is that?

For me: I'd always use Elis as a full name, because I know I'd never call her Elisabeth. For me it's like trying to be fancy/classy/sophisticated with a long, professional, so called adult name.

Same thing with a lot of names. I guess I'm just a fan of short names. :-) Simple, strong, clear.

For girls: Elin, Meja, Vida, Eira, Maren, Hanne

For boys: Caspar, Kalle, Ole, Espen

Maybe it's country related? I'm from the Netherlands and a lot of people have short full names. I know many girls (and boys) named "Sam". They don't have a "full name". Sam is their full name.

Luuk is a full name, no Lucas, just Luuk. Daan is a full name, no Daniel, just Daan.

I think the ideas about this issue differ, so that's why I'm searching for explanations and personal views. Just telling me whether you like short or long names will not be helpful at all.


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  • Joey
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    7 years ago
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    I always prefer shorter first names with a longer middle name. Usually because I hate the nicknames of the long name, or it's too popular.

    For example, Wren Olivia. Wren is one syllable. No one in their right mind would nickname it. Olivia is a gorgeous name, but it's too long for everyday use, especially in a school environment, she would almost instantly be nicknamed "Liv" or "Livvie", which I absolutely can't abide.

    I really don't see the point in having a name on the birth certificate that you will never address the child by. They use the excuse "It's so she can use the grown up name as an adult" - but if they aren't called by that name in childhood, they won't identify with that name, that will not be their name, they will forever be a Josie and will never be a Josephine!

    In the UK, most names in the top 100 are what Americans would consider "nicknames" and would find them unsuitable as a full first name. Alfie, Charlie, Frankie, Freddie, Evie, Millie, Katie... I'm fairly confident that I will never meet a Charles or a Millicent in my lifetime. There's a reality medical show here and one of the doctor's - real life doctor- name is Pixie.

    If Pixie can be a celebrity doctor, than so can Evie. Thankyou very much.

  • 7 years ago

    Personally, it depends on the names.

    For example, Alexander I'd nickname with Alex, Lex, and Xander but I'd only use Xander as a full name. I love Elyse as a full name altho I'd use it for a nickname for Elizabeth as well.

    What i'm saving is that I have essentially have a good deal of short names and a good deal of long names. And it just depends on the names and how i see it.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I tend to prefer long names with a nickname, but I think it would more depend for me on whether or not I like the full name. For example, I LOVE the name Jake but really dislike Jacob so if I were to call my son Jake I would just name him Jake, not Jacob.

  • michie
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    3 years ago

    I love both! Like Aurora mentioned, it will depend on the title. Customarily i'm going for an extended first identify and a short (often one syllable) center title. A few of my favorite longer names are Madeleine, Anastasia, Raphael, and Maximilian. Shorter... Clem, Kai, and Shae simply to call a number of. I love Benjamin and Remington btw ;] Benjamin Lee is one of my fave combos :D

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  • I like the short names.

    If you're going to name a child a long name and just go by the nickname, then why not just give it the nickname? I think the nickname names aren't as complete sounding I guess.

    I just like short names.

  • Joiya
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    7 years ago

    Honestly, I agree with you.

    I prefer short names to begin with (like Veda, Milo or Gia).

    However, nicknaming is a very important part of my husband's Filipino culture, so we need to have them for our children. It's a way for people to distinguish family and friends from people we just know. You have to gain a certain level of friendship or respect to use a nickname.

    Since I don't like nicknames that have nothing to do with the name chosen (like "lucky") - I prefer in our case to have a longer name with a nickname that relates to it.

    For example... we chose Caspian Edward - which will be Cash... but my husband (who gets a special nickname only family can use) will call him Ian (eye-an)

    Mirielle becomes Millie

    Vivienne becomes Vivi etc.

    So... to sum up. It makes sense to just call your child what you named them. But... cultures differ and some people follow a tradition that dictates nicknaming.

    Hope that helps!

  • 7 years ago

    Depends on the name, but usually I like shorter names.

    My son's name is Jake, not Jacob.

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