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is good ABEC bearings required for street / trick skating?

im making a custom board that i'll be using for doing street skating (tricks and stuff). will i need decent ABEC rating bearings? or does bearings only effect vert / cruise skatboards?

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    ABEC is meaningless for a board. It is an industrial standard for vibration on high speed motorized machines. The speeds involved would be over 200 mph on your board.

    It does not have anything to do with how well they roll.

    With appropriate lubricants, ABEC 1 bearings will roll as fast or faster than ABEC 7 because the 7s have very tight tolerances.

    The best bearings from the top makers (Bones, Zero Drag, Twin Cam) are not ABEC rated so that they can open up the bearing to reduce the internal friction.

    To keep speed during tricks, you want a light lube.

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    Get bones reds, they are speed 7 ball bearings great for street. And there only 15-20 bucks

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