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What language does english sound similar to?

If its not your first language, you still know what the general sound of it is. Right? Does it sound like French? German? Swedish? Dutch?


I'll never know :(

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    The languages of Germanic peoples gave rise to the English language (the best known are the Angles, Saxons, Frisii, Jutes and possibly some Franks, who traded, fought with and lived alongside the Latin-speaking peoples of the Roman Empire in the centuries-long process of the Germanic peoples' expansion into Western Europe during the Migration Period). Latin loan words such as wine, cup, and bishop entered the vocabulary of these Germanic peoples before their arrival in Britain and the subsequent formation of England.[1]

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    Sounds like German

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    It certainly does not sound similar to French, German, and dutch. I am a native Persian speaker. I can say among the above mentioned languages, English is similar to Persian.

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    English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian and previous Saxon dialects dropped at Britain by utilising Germanic settlers and Roman auxiliary troops from various components of what's now northwest Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands interior the 5th century.

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    The English language, and dialect has evolved through merging, French, Gaelic, Nordic, Latin, and Germanic roots. All those have influenced the modern day 'English' we speak today...

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    It's Germanic, though it has derived a lot from German.

    I don't think it sounds like anything, just English to me. I think it pretty much speaks for itself (No bun intended). It definitely does not sound like French. And although German and English are both Germanic it doesn't sound a bit like German either, or Dutch.

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    a mixture as a browse through a dictionary will insist. the roots of many words are latin, german, french and dutch.

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    I think it's most like german they both have the same symantecs and sentence structure for the most part

    Source(s): People who speak both languages
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