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The supposition that phosphate accumulation in soil might result in reduced

glyphosate retention capacity and thus increased leaching risk is mostly obtained

from many batch experiments, rather than column experiments that may simulate actual field conditions better. However, we hypothesize that: (1) phosphate application might induce system pH decrease, and (2) the overall glyphosate mobility by phosphate application might depend on the relative contribution of two competing processes: increase in glyphosate adsorption from pH decrease versus reduced

glyphosate adsorption from competitive adsorption between phosphate and

glyphosate for sorption sites available. To test these two hypotheses, laboratory

batch and column experiments using a miscible displacement approach were

conducted on two Primosols and one Anthrosols,to investigate, respectively,

(1) pH dependent glyphosate adsorption onto the three studied soils, and (2)

glyphosate leaching and mobility in soil columns as influenced by phosphate

application. Our results showed that glyphosate adsorption consistently

decreased with increase in system pH.

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