Chances for Duke University?

Rank: 29/351, within 8%

Location: NJ

Ethnicity: Asian girl

Other Info: Dad works at Duke as professor

Weighted GPA Trend: 3.9 --> 4.1 ---> 4.2 or 4.3

Grades: Mostly B grades by junior year...reason is b/c I'm honors/AP student

Extracurricular activities:

Key Club - Club officer for 3 years, 250 hours total

Hospital Volunteering - 2 years, 124 hours total

National Institutes of Health internship - summer intern for 2 summers, did molecular biology research

Piano - Carnegie Hall/international performer, (performed at recital halls in Boston, Canada, Russia), first/second place winner at competitions

Chinese Honor Society & National Honor Society member

Assuming that my SAT score is 2200 and Subject Tests are 750 minimum, what are my chances at Duke University? I want to apply for Early Admission

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  • 7 years ago
    Best Answer

    As long as you have an unweighted of 3.95 or higher, you are likely IN.

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