Any good book recommendations for teenagers?

I'm a fifteen year old girl and I love reading. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series and anything by John Green but I'm open to suggestions of any genre of books. Thank you :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Some good one I've read are:

    The mortal Instruments series (city of; bones, ashes, glass, fallen angels, and lost souls) by Cassandra Clare

    The darkest powers series (the summoning, the awakening, and the reckoning) by Kelley Armstrong

    The hunger games trilogy (the hunger games, catching fire, and mockingjay) by Suzanne Collins

    Hush, hush by becca Fitzpatrick

    Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

    Dark secrets 1&2 by Elizabeth Chandler

    Under the never sky & through the ever night by Veronica Rossi

    Delirium trilogy (delirium, pandemonium, and requiem) by Lauren Oliver

    Divergent & insurgent by veronica Roth

    Mara dyer series (the unbecoming of Mara dyer & the evolution of Mara dyer) by Michelle Hodkin

    Chemical garden series (wither, fever, and sever) by Lauren de stefano

    The Morganville vampire series (13 books)

    Dark visions by lj smith

    The forbidden game by lj smith

    The vampire diaries by lj smith

    The secret circle by lj smith

    Nightshade by lj smith

    Nightshade trilogy (nightshade, wolfsbane, & bloodrose) by Andrea cremer

    Nicholas Sparks:

    Safe haven


    Walk to remember

    Charlie st cloud

    The last song

    & all of his other books

    13 reasons why by jay Asher

    A fault in our stars by John green (& all of his other books)

    Sarah Dessen:


    Just listen

    Along for the ride

    Lock and key

    (all other books too)

    The vampire academy by rachelle mead

    Possession & surrender by elana Johnson

    Sweep series by cate tiernan

    The fallen series (fallen, torment, passion, there is more but I can't think of them)

    Shadow falls series by ???

    Zombieland by ??

    Thirst series by Christopher pike

    Until the end by Christopher pike

    Evernight series by Claudia gray

    Wolves of mercy falls by Maggie stievfer (idk how to spell her last name)

    Daughters of the moon series (13 books) by Lynne Ewing

    The host by Stephanie Meyer

    Cinder & scarlett by ??

    Glitch by ??

    Shatter me & unravel me by ??

    Matched trilogy (matched, reached, and crossed) by ally Condie

    Infernal devices series by Cassandra clare

    House of night series by pc and kristin cast

    Pretty little liars by Sara Shepard

    The lying game by Sara Shepard

    Uglies series by Scott westerfeld

    Wake trilogy by Lisa mcmann

    Wicked lovely by Melissa marr

    Evernight by Alyson Noel

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head... If I think of more I'll edit my answer.

    Hope I helped :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Serei no Moribito (bought from Barnes and Noble and loved the tv series on YouTube) anything and everything by Tamora Pierce, tho the Rebekah Cooper series was my personal favorite. Beverly Lewis writes great and interesting fiction stories on the Amish/Mennonite communities as well. Secrets of Jinshei has been a person favorite of mine for years by Alma Alexander

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  • Jacob
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    7 years ago

    Have you read hunger games?

    It was a book that was a required text for Eng 203 and I read it and it was pretty good..

    I read the entire series..

    The last book I read in 3 days

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


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  • I run. Awebsitemthat reviews books for teenagers and it has a recommendations page and reading lists. The link is:

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I never thought I'd like these books but, the vampire acadamy series. I've read it six times :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Ruined - Paula Morris

    Rebecca Brown is staying with her Aunt Claudia in nineteenth century New Orleans, a city of voodoo, ghosts, and hurricanes. While walking in Lafayette Cemetery she is befriended by Lisette, a ghost who helps Rebecca to uncover shocking truths about her life and influences her to right the wrongs of the past.

    Shift - Jennifer Bradbury

    Two friends set out on a cross-country bike trip. Only one arrives in Seattle. What happened?

    Project 17 - Laurie Faria-Stolarz

    When six high school students sneak into an abandoned mental institution to make a film about their night there, they do not expect the inexplicable and terrifying events that keep occuring within the crumbling, maze-like building, causing them to question themselves and, ultimately, to make different choices about the course of their lives.

    Story of a girl - Sara Zarr

    After she is caught with her brother's friend in the back seat of his car, Deanna has to deal with a ruined reputation.

    Wait for me - An Na

    When Mina falls in love with a young coworker at her parents' dry cleaners, she struggles between her mother's dreams for her and true love.

    Someone like Summer - M.E. Kerr

    When Annabel, daughter of a contractor, and Esteban, a Latino immigrant, begin a relationship, they are at odds with many of the supercilious residents in the resort town of Seaview.

    More than friends - Katherine Spencer

    After her brother dies, Grace finds herself falling for his best friend Jackson, who has some serious problems of his own.

    Enthusiasm - Polly Shulman

    Fans of Jane Austen's novels, Julie and Ashleigh decide to imitate their heroine and try to discover True Love in high school.

    Undercover - Beth Kephart

    A quiet girl writes love notes for the people in her school, but her feelings for one student may change her.

    The Market - J.M. Steele

    When Kate finds out that someone is rating all the girls in her class, she is determined to make sure her score rises, no matter what it takes.

    The It Chicks - Tia Williams

    Tangie and her friends juggle romance, classes, and the arts with their friendship as the "It Chicks".

    Good enough - Paula Yoo

    Patti is trying to get into an Ivy League school to please her parents, but this Korean-American teen also wants to have fun.

    Divine Confidential - Jacquelin Thomas

    After she moves from Hollywood to Georgia, Divine still wants to live her life as a diva and find romance.

    A higher geometry - Sharelle Byars Moranville

    In the late 1950s, Anna feels she must choose between the traditional role her parents expect of her and her dream of going to college to study mathematics.

    Every crooked pot - Renee Rosen

    Nina uses makeup and different hairstyles to hide her birthmark over one eye, in hopes of fitting in.

    Maggie Bean stays afloat - Tricia Rayburn

    Maggie has changed, through Pound Patrollers diet and exercise, but can she attract Peter Applewood and still keep her old friends?

    Cures for heartbreak - Margo Rabb

    After her mother dies and her father becomes sick, Mia deals with growing up and finding love.

    Mistik Lake - Martha Brooks

    Odella yearns to know the answers to family secrets that have affected three generations of women in her family.

    Off-Color - Janet McDonald

    A white girl and her mother are suddenly forced into public housing, where she struggles for acceptance while also discovering she's biracial.

    So not the drama - Paula Chase

    Mina is determined that she will be as popular in high school as she was in middle school.

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  • 7 years ago

    try your age and i love reading biographies of black history.

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