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Next school year i will be attending a performing arts school, I have previously been involved with intermediate and advanced choirs at my current school and i was section leader when i was in intermediate choir, im just telling you this to show my experience level. Next year i want to get into the prestigous advanced choir in my new school, and I would like to perform a christian song. my range is from the G below middle C to the F two octives above middle C. two songs i can perform well are titanium and memory from the musical Cats. Im hoping to find a christian song that involves the belting technique, so that I can showcase everything i can do with my voice. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You don't belt in choral singing, but then I don't watch "Glee". I don't know which performing arts school you are attending (and maybe you shouldn't say because of privacy/internet safety concerns). However, it does matter what kind of choir you are trying to join--do they do mostly pop music or classical, or a bit of everything? Sometimes high school choirs will do lighter music for their school concerts like choral arrangements of pop songs and theatre music, and then take a big impressive Bach piece for state competitions and things of that nature. Check with the school to make sure you meet whatever criteria they may have for audition songs. Some schools even have a suggested song list.

    I've heard of "Memory" but I had to look up "Titanium" (I realize I did hear this before and switched it off because the singer mumbled so badly I couldn't tell what language he/she was singing in).

    "Titanium" would be an awful song to audition with even for a pop type choir because the original is highly synthesized and it won't sound like you hope it will if you have to sing this with only piano accompaniment and probably no microphone. If it's an acapella audition, it really won't sound right.

    By the "F two octaves above middle C" are we talking the F5 which would be that top line on the treble clef staff, or the F6 above that? Either way, you don't need to pick a song that shows your entire range. You pick a song that is low enough and high enough to indicate to the educated ear that you CAN go higher or lower if you wanted or needed to. You pick a song that shows off the best and most beautiful part of your voice, regardless of your overall range.

    There are a lot of songs that are "Christian". Is the performing arts school also a church-affiliated school? What denomination? I wouldn't recommend doing something from a Catholic Mass or a setting of "Ave Maria" for Baptists. I don't know if you want a hymn, a modern gospel song, or something classical but religious. Since I don't know as much about the first two, I might suggest you pick a song from an major oratorio.

    These would be things like George Fridric Handel's "Messiah", which includes "He Shall Feed His Flock/Come Unto Him"--first part is sung by contralto, mezzo-sopranos, and countertenors, and the second part is taken up by sopranos. Quite frequently, both parts are sung by the same singer, usually a soprano or mezzo-soprano. The highest note in "Come Unto Him" is an F5, but it the tessitura stays around there, so if this is your highest comfortable note (and not the F6), then it had better be really comfortable or you will sound strained after a short time. This soprano Barbara Bonney.

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    If you are a soprano, there is also "I Know My Redeemer Liveth" which goes up to around G#5. You can transpose down, but in case of something this well-known, and for a school audition, you pick something you can sing in the original key.

    There are also some alto arias in "Messiah" as well.

    J.S. Bach also wrote a number of oratorios including one for Christmas--music is available either in English or German (the original language). He also wrote a lot of cantatas and "passions".

    Honestly, I'm so confused about what your range is (and also have no idea what you sound like), I'm just going to give you a list you can check out concerning the Bach. Just Youtube anything you don't recognize.

    You would be able to buy sheet music for all of the above just about anywhere that sells sheet music, plus a number of public domain sites such as (imlsp is free but on pdf files so the quality varies from perfect to unreadable).

    If you insist on belting--belt "Memory". Some or all of it is usually belted anyway. This is Betty Buckley, the original Broadway Grizabella (Elaine Page opened London).

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    Source(s): You might try to track down a copy of "The Oratorio Anthology", published by Hal Leonard. It has volumes for each general voice type. Ask your choir teacher. She may have this or some similar collection for you to take a look at and maybe borrow. A lot of these songs may be challenging for you, but you are likely to be going up against some very talented competition. See if you can find this one too: 52 Sacred Songs You Like to Sing These are mostly classical composers, but contains a wider range of musical eras. Don't bite off more than you can chew though. Even a simple song, beautifully executed, is better than a difficult song that is completely mangled.
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    Christian Singing Auditions

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    Try "I Choose Jesus" by Moriah Peters. It's a very pretty song and it's Christian, not to mention modern. I sang it at church a few times and it's the song I would chose to audition with if I were in your shoes. Find it on YouTube or Grooveshark, you could probably belt the chorus with a big range like that!

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    What about songs from the movie the fighting temptations beyonce sang? Swing low, candy chariot rain down on me he nonetheless loves me or what about ave maria? Amazing grace? Hallelujah? Only a few choices, hope i helped

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    I would like to sing christ songs, please let me know more about it

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