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American Idol Top 8: Who rose up and who crashed and burned?

Tonight was a very interesting night. Here's my review of a night with outstanding ups and one very disappointing down.

1. Amber Holcomb

Hands down, Amber had the best performance tonight. It was beautiful, it was the right song, it was powerful, it was on pitch, and she just had great stage presence. Amber did better than everyone, even Candice and Angie, and she just established herself as a front runner. After blowing everyone else out of the water, she better not be in the bottom three again.

2. Candice Glover

Tonignt, Candice sang a song that has been sung on American Idol numerous times. However, hers is arguably the best version we've heard on the show. I'm honestly not sure what's left to say about her. As with her past performances she was powerful, she was comfortable on stage, she showed us something new, and she showed off her incredible vocal range.

3. Janelle Arthur

After being outshined in her group performance, Janelle did absolutely amazing with her solo song. Her pitch was much better, it was soft, it was original, and it was just so beautiful to listen to. Hands down her best performance yet. Janelle was behind the rest of the girls. Tonight, she evened the playing field. Finally, a WGWG I can root for (White Girl With Guitar).

4. Kree Harrison

I'm not sure if Kree has had a bad performance yet, cause she once again did a great job. She took a bit of a risk with her song choice, but she made it work in a very big way. She once again had a very good performance, stayed on pitch, she put her own spin on the song, and she once again showed off her amazing vocals. I love how she makes each of her performances unique.

5. Lazaro Arbos

I think Lazaro's performance tonight can be summed up with one word: Redemption. After having the worst performance of the night last week, Lazaro chose a better song this week, and had a much better performance than last week. There were some pitch problems, but overall he did a great job.

6. Burnell Taylor

Once again, Burnell does the best out of the guys. His pitch was great, his stage presence was great, he chose a great song that was also in his comfort zone, and he once again showed of his soft vocals. I do have onecritiquee though. When he said words like "Amor" and "adore", it sounded more like he said "Amorm" and "adorm". Because of that, I had to rank him a little lower.

7. Devin Velez

Devin has been on a downhill trend as of late, choosing boring, sage songs. This week, he chose a better song. It allowed him to showcase his falsetto, which was good, but it still felt slightly on the average and boring side to me. I don't think of He hasn't really done anything that has that "wow" factor, and everyone else outshined him. Everyone, except one.

8. Angela Miller

Angie, Angie, what the heck happened? Jimmy is taking the Angie we know and love and turning her into something that is just not her. Angie has so much talent and is amazing, but her pitch wasn't on key, it wasn't the right song choice, and she did the best she could with it but I think she just had her first performance that was actually, well, not very good. I really hope she's here next week, cause she can do so much better than that.

And now for the group performances.

1. Amber, Candice, and Angela

This was by far the best group performance of the night. These three lovely ladies have the three strongest voices in the competition right now, and the song they sang worked very well. Unlike Kree and Janelle's group song, they all shined together without any one of them outshining the other, and they all stayed on pitch.

2. Janelle and Kree

The judges were right. Kree outshined Janelle tonight. They sounded great together, but Janelle seems to be pitchy moreso than on pitch, whereas Kree stays on pitch almost always and sounds beautiful. Kree continued moving forward, but after doing great last week Janelle took one step forward and two steps back.

3. Devin, Lazaro, and Burnell

This was just an okay performance to me. It wasn't spectacular, Lazaro forgot the words, all three of them had pitch problems, and they just didn't mesh very well together. Nicki hit the nail on the head when she said it felt like it was a horrible group performance from Hollywood week.

So overall, when considering both solo and group performances, this is how I rank the contestants tonight.

1. Amber

2. Candice

3. Kree

4. Janelle

5. Burnell

6. Angie

7. Lazaro

8. Devin

Overall, I am praying for Angie to get a second chance. Hopefully, Devin will end up going home instead, cause Angie may have had the worst solo performance, but she was in the best group performance, whereas Devin had mediocre solo and group performances.

There's my review for tonight. Do you agree or disagree? Who do you hope goes home this week?

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    I did not like last night show, it was boring

    I thought the best was Janelle buy far

    Why, she made the song her own and she was different

    You remembered her

    Kree I remembered

    Janelle and Kree duet was the best, then the other girls

    They were the stand out last night

    I could not remember what Candice sang

    Angie should be safe, her fans voted for her

    I do think since Amber was in the bottom last week, I saw that coming

    I think Amber should be save

    I think if there is a girl in the bottom it would be Candice

    Because she went first and was okay, not great

    Her voice is amazing, but this was not her week, that was true for 5 others

    For this theme, this show was boring

    I think Burnell or Devin will be leaving

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    Hmmm...we don't agree too much tonight. I thought that the top 2 performances were Janelle and Devin. By far. They chose fantastic songs and performed them almost perfectly.

    I didn't like Candice's song, so I wasn't too impressed with her. Lazaro improved a lot and showed more confidence. Angela was by far the worst. Did she even know the song? Wrong notes all over the place!!!

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    Your critique is much kinder than mine. Idol sucked tonight. No one had any pizazz. It reminded me of bad entertainment at a supper club.

    I think Bernel had a few good notes but his mispronunciation of Amour really bothered me.

    Angie has got to stop thinking she is performing in a beauty pageant, she sings like she is in a school drama competition, not every song is intense!

    If I could pick a winner based on best dimples it would Kree.

    I voted for the boys, they were less irritating tonight than the girls.

    At this point I don't like any of them so I don't care who leaves.

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