How is one born with a great immune system?

During my life Ive only had to have an antibiotic 3 times. This is since birth. I am 26 now. I have never had the flu, never been vaccinated for it, and have only had 2-3 colds in my lifetime. I remember having one about 4 years ago and even then it was mild and it lasted like 3 days. Ive also never had the chicken pox nor been vaccinated against it. As a child (before vaccine) my mother would purposely get me in contact with the chicken pox so I could get it over with, and I never contracted it.

Most people I know have at least 1-2 colds a year. They also have some some of infection that requires an antibiotic once or so a year. My boyfriend has colds during winter often and I still makeout with him as normal and nothing happens to me.

Why am I different? I was not breastfed as I know that causes good immunity. What are other reasons??

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    Your genes

  • 7 years ago

    Well, when you don't get vaccinated your natural immunity is stranger.

    Even getting exposed to chicken pox helps your body build the natural immunity it's supposed to have. Vaccines work by compromising natural immunity against one certain strain of a virus, but not all the strains.

    You're lucky!

  • 7 years ago

    What breast feeding does is pass on temporary antibodies that don't last much longer than it takes for baby's lymphocyte production to get in gear. My guess would be that you have genetic resistance.

    Source(s): I'm a nurse.
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