Has anybody got the lyrics and translation of this aria, from Agostino Steffani's opera "Alaric"?

Here is one of the few videos I found... Though I love Italian operas, I don't speak Italian, and would be very grateful if any of you Italian-speakers translated it to me :D


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  • 7 years ago
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    [I do sometimes wonder how/why I manage to get myself into these things... :-)) ]

    Ok, here ya go, from the Italian, via German, translated on the hoof as we go along, so don't expect any versifying on top! <grin>

    »Sì, sì, riposa o caro«

    »Palpitanti sfere belle«

    Szene und Arie der Sabina

    aus: Alarico il Baltha (1687)

    Libretto von Luigi Orlandi

    Yes, yes, take some rest, my darling,

    to send asleep the pain welling up

    in your beautiful eyes,

    eyes that provoke the envy of the stars;

    Like a new Pasithea I thus invoke sleep.


    Beautiful, glittering spheres,

    my sun, I now do pacify thee.

    Be quiet and don't trouble yourselves

    because of Heaven enraged

    to torment yourself miserably

    However, surrounded by sweet wafting clouds

    my eyes too are becoming heavy.

    Beautiful, glittering spheres,

    my sun -- drunk my senses give way

    to sweet slumber -- my sun --

    I now do pacify thee. (Reptd)


    Hope that'll do for you.

    All the best,

    PS. Oops, almost forgot the original Italian:

    Sì, sì, riposa ò caro

    acciò che dorma la pena agitatrice

    a’ tuoi bei lumi

    che a’ quei del Ciel recar invidia


    novella Pasitea richiamo il sonno.

    Palpitanti sfere belle

    del mio sol, hor v’addormento.

    Riposate, e cessate

    per rigor d’irate stelle

    d’agitarvi nel tormento.

    Ma di vapor soave il ciglio intorno

    anch’io sento gravarmi.

    Palpitanti sfere belle del mio sol …

    Inebriati i sensi cedono

    à dolce oblio … del mio sol,

    hor v’addormento, hor v’addormen

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