PTC element and Peltier element as a heater - which one?

Here's a difficult one:

I want to build a simple heater (small lab-dish heater, for heating up solutions) and has to run on DC.

Now, I've heard about PTC but the power consumption and how useful is confusing me. The max. temperature it can achieve is 250°C with power consumption of 150W. Link is here in the text.

Now, how can I regulate this to exactly 150°C without having to buy a hell of a supply? And is it practical? (Note: this will be in a closed case without airflow and at ambient temperature).

Second one is the Peltier element (watched the cooler and the generator) and seen that they can be regulate to 180°C. Link to the other:

Now I'm at a dilemma. Which one is the most useful?

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  • Al
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    7 years ago
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    Not so difficult... Peltier's are not very efficient.

    Resistive heating it the way to go. If you don’t want to build a thermocouple regulator then PTC is defiantly the way to go. Apparently it's self regulating...

    Still researching how you set the temp point, but it looks like your best choice so far.


    I quit!! LOL

    I think you just buy one that suits your heating needs… Here’s a decent link to some info

    They say you can set the surface temp but nobody seems to want to say how you do this.. hmmm… oh well

  • 4 years ago

    Peltier Heater

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