i'm looking for Good/popular Japanese songs?

i'm starting to learn Japanese and i figured listening to their music couldn't hurt, so if anyone knows any good and/or popular japanese songs or artists, a link or song name+artist would be much appreciated. Since i dont know too much hiranaga it's hard to navigate myself through websites looking for music. Thx!

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    7 years ago
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    Popular Japanese songs ? Have you ever try Arashi (it's a group) ? Arashi is like the king of Jpop there , seriously . I'm gonna list down the famous artist and their songs too !


    - Arashi (Face down , Happiness , Lotus , Believe)

    - Daichi Miura (Turn Off The Light , Inside Your Head)

    - Koda Kumi (Juicy , Lollipop , TABOO)

    - GreeeeN (Haruka , Tegami)

    - Hey!Say!JUMP (Your Seed , Super Delicate)

    - KAT-TUN (Ultimate Wheel , Chain)

    - Yamapi (Loveless , Love Chase)

    - Kazuya Kamenashi (Seishun Amiigo)

    - EXILE (Rising Sun)


    - NEGA (Muddy Cult , Idle)

    - The GazettE

    - An Cafe (Escapism , Merry Making)

    - Ellegarden (Salamander)

    - One Ok Rock (Wherever You Are)

    Source(s): Been a Jpopper since 2010 !
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    7 years ago

    Well, one of the most famous Japanese groups, internationally, is Vocaloid . . . but it's quite an individualist taste. Basically, the singers a fictitious, and all the voices are computer generated. Some love it, some hate it. Personally . . . I don't mind it, but it's not amazing. Some of the biggest songs are Cantarella and Rolling Girl.

    Other, more conventional songs are:

    - Kosaka Riyu - Guilty Sky 

    - On/Off - Futatsu no Kodō to Akai Tsumi

    - Melissa (don't know the artist, but I know it's the FMA opening).

    These are basically anime openings I like, but they're from genuine mainstream artists. If you don't already, you may wanna try watching subbed anime. Even when you're not trying, you end up picking some Japanese up. (Contrary to popular belief, there is as much variation as with standard TV programmes, and anime is NOT just for kids.)

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    Well, this band can be pretty dark at times (understatement), but Sound Horizon is a good band. They do a lot of spoken word in addition to singing, so you can hear where the accent is on a lot of words (Japanese singing doesn't usually indicate where the accent is, unlike English). They also use a lot of kanji (including unusual ones) in their lyrics, so it's good for that.

    If you decide to check them out, I'd recommend starting out with Roman if you're new to Japanese-style music (especially "Miezaru Ude" and "Hiiro No Fuusha"). If you're into choral stuff, Moira would be a good album to check out.

    Hope that helps!

  • 3 years ago

    I actual have an entire number of anime songs, many times from shows i've got considered. I basically checked and there are seventy 4 such songs in my record. distinctly much all of them use woman voices, yet there are some respectable male-voiced ones from Fullmetal Alchemist, dying notice and Code Geass.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ayumi Hamasaki (''Memorial Address'', ''Rainy Day'', ''Duty'', ''End of the world'', ''End roll'', and ''MissUnderstood'')

    Girugamesh (''Break down'', ''Pray'', ''Shining'', ''Color'', and ''Shiroi ashiato'')

    Mai Kuraki (''Time after time'', ''Koi ni koishite'', and ''Your best friend')

    Yanagi Nagi (''Corleonis'', ''Halo effect'', ''Hyouka no kuni'', ''mizu no naka no kumo'', ''vidro moyou'', and ''Zoetrope'')

    Alan (''Butterflies'', ''Gunjou no tani'', ''Ikiru'', ''kimi omou sola'', ''liberty'', ''Sakura modern'', and ''tsuki ga watashi'')

    Nana Mizuki (''Blue moon'', ''Glorious Sunshine'', ''Hime murasaki'', ''Phantom minds'', ''Pray'', ''Shin Ai'', ''Trinity Cross'')

    Kotoko (''Genzai no rekuiemu'' and Ketsudan no entrance'')

    Long Shot Party (''Ano hi time machine'')

    Ikimono Gakari (''Sakura'' and ''Hana wa sakura kimi wa utsukushi'')

    Lia (''Toki wo kizamu uta'')

    Melody (''Shine'' and ''Love Story'')

    Royz (''Sourenka'')

    Perfume (''Spring of life'')

    Uverworld (''Charmant no ura'' and ''Kimi no suki no uta'')

    Gumi (''Catch you catch me'')

    Gackt (''Last Song''... I dont like any of his other songs)

    Gojo Mayumi (''Sweet Romance'')

    Eufonius (''Megumeru'')

    Anza (''Tobira wo akete'')

  • 7 years ago

    I love Yui Horie, she isn't for everyone though.

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