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What song should I use to audition for Footloose?

I'm a baritone that doesn't have the best voice and I'm auditioning for Footloose this summer. I just don't know what song to sing for this audition. I'm praying for an ensemble part. Any way my favorite musical is Spring Awakening followed by Legally Blonde and Rent. My dream roles include Moritz, Elle, and Angel. I hope that info helps =]

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  • Sourav
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    7 years ago
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    hello friend

    try these

    Billy Joel—


    Good night Saigon

    Lullabye (goodnight my angel)

    Ballad of Billy the Kid

    NY State of mind

    Just the way you are

    Pink Floyd—

    On the turning away

    A great day for freedom

    Coming back to life

    Summer ‘68


    (or other songs by either artist)

    "I'm Alive" from Next To Normal

    hope it helped :)

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  • morlee
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    3 years ago

    Tenor is deep, precise? Hmmm. Why do no longer you sing "decrease than the Boardwalk". it relatively is deep, yet nonetheless, you will desire the backup vocals for the better factors so nevermind that one...enable's see...a solo that's deep...attempt this one...The Elvis one the place he is going...clever adult men simple terms fools rush in...yet i can not help fall-ing in love with you...or you will possibly desire to accomplish a little Rick Astley. He substitute right into a crimson-headed, hi Doody-looking guy who had various hit songs in the late 80's. look on YouTube. He sang: in no way Gonna supply you Up and a few others. I propose him simply by fact his songs have been regular around the time the action picture Footloose got here out, plus, he has an rather advantageous, deep voice. OR, in case you like u . s . song, sing that song that Scotty McCreary stored making a song in his gorgeous deep voice this previous season of yankee Idol. He'd flow..."toddler lock them doors and turn the lighting fixtures down low..." unsure which u . s . artist that's via, yet i think of it relatively is a nicely-time-commemorated u . s . song. Footloose is an superb action picture and it is going to make a good play. (a youthful Kevin 1st Baron Verulam, Sean Penn's brother Chris substitute into in it and a youthful Carrie from intercourse in the city (can not think of of her call), and Lori Singer from the 80's t.v. sequence recognition. besides, stable luck! Get that area!

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  • 7 years ago

    Santa Fe form Newsies is a really pretty song for guys.

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