Datsun 240z question:?

I want to put a Cleveland 351 in my Datsun 240z and was wondering if: The stock transmission will hook up to the 351C, if the stock transmission will handle the 351C, what transmission to get if the 351C will overpower the stock one, and how to hook up the new tranny to the driveline if it doesn't fit already. Thanks a lot.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Why wouldn't you Google for Datsun 240Z forum? There are quite a few. It is possible that several people have done this already.

  • 4 years ago

    on the Carb. that often is the concentration of my answer simply by way I interpret your question. verify with a pin interior the jets on the carb each and every each and every now and then there's a earwax style grease that collects whether it relatively is not any longer that. Get a carb rebuild kit to start. then purchase an adapter plate for the pump,get the uprated area and get a sort of holley jet kits. The small kit no longer the comprehensive kit. play around with diverse length jetting.

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