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Are you a windows shopper or gift hunter?

Personally, I enjoy looking at souvenirs when traveling,home

or abroad. If I find something I like and the price is not beyond

my budget , I will definitely take it home with me. If the item

appeals to me very much, but is too expensive, I will try to bargain

before I buy it. Of course, it the souvenir is not to my taste, I

will never buy it even though it's very cheap. Likewise , if the

product is irresistible , but I can't afford to buy it, I'll try to

persuade myself to give up on it. So far I have a big collection

of souvenirs from over tencountries. They always bring back to

me those beautiful memories of my trips there.

How about you? Do you habe a collection of souvenirs?

True or False

1.The writer only enjoys windows shopping.

2.The writer never takes a trup to a foreign country.

3.The writer will bargain with the store keeper if the souvenir is good

but too expensive

4.The writer loves hunting for inexpensive souvenirs even though they're

not to his taste.

5.The writer has a collection of souvenirs from more than ten

countries so far.

因為小弟英文能力不好 所以請大大幫忙解題

小弟只剩五點 不好意思

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    1. False

    2. False

    3. False 【if the souvenir is good 意思是如果那個手信是好,但作者提到的是 如果那個手信吸引到我】

    4. False

    5. True

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    True Or false:-



    (3)T :- if the souveniris good=appealling to me =but too expensive will bargain with the store keeper.



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